Magico S3 Speakers Now On Demonstration

Magico S3 Speakers on Demo

The highly anticipated new Magico S3 speakers have now arrived in our Central London showroom and are available for personal auditions. With its newly engineered enclosure, the 2023 model takes the S3’s capabilities to the next level. Utilising their new in-house 3D laser interferometry system, Magico have been able to more accurately analyse their cabinetry … Read more

Naim Audio Adds Nova PE to their Uniti Range

Naim Uniti Nova PE Power Edition

Since its introduction the Naim Uniti range has been immensely popular in the hi-fi world offering users an all-in-one amplifier that can stream almost anything with excellent usability and fantastic design. This week Naim have introduced a brand new product to the collection which now sits at the top. The Uniti Nova PE (Power Edition) … Read more

McIntosh Celebrates 75th Anniversary with New Range

McIntosh 75th Anniversary

Legendary American audio brand McIntosh are celebrating their 75th year of trading. To honour this fantastic achievement they are releasing special 75th Anniversary editions of some of their key products as well as launching the new MC2.1KW Monoblock Power Amplifier, one of the brand’s most powerful amplifiers to date. The tri-chassis marvel possesses the ability … Read more

Innuos STATEMENT Music Server Added to Collection

Innuos Statement Music Server

Innuos is a modern hi-fi success story, founded in 2009 the company quickly rose to become a well-known brand within the digital sector of the market. Innuos have mastered the art of music servers, offering a range from the affordable PULSEmini to the flagship STATEMENT. The company believes their products “unleash the full potential of … Read more

Melco Releases New N5-H50 Model

Melco N5 Music Server

Following the March introduction of Melco’s all-new flagship digital music library, the SSD-based N1-S38, the Japanese digital music specialist has announced the new N5-H50, which draws heavily from the N1 and introduces a HDD and simplified features for greater affordability (£7,499); the N5-H50 will made its world debut at High End, Munich and will have … Read more

dCS Release APEX Upgrade to the Bartók DAC

dCS Bartok APEX

Following the success of the APEX upgrade for the Vivaldi and Rossini ranges last year, British digital experts dCS have announced the highly regarded upgrade is now coming to the Bartók DAC and headphone amplifier. According to dCS, Bartók APEX “retains the original’s powerful, dynamic and detailed soundscape and adds elements of resolution and refinement … Read more

McIntosh Announces First AV Receiver in 20 Years

Mcintosh MTH300 AV Receiver

Legendary brand McIntosh are dipping their toes into new territory with the upcoming release of their new MHT300 AV receiver, their first such product since 2003. The McIntosh range has always been extensive and their long history with both AV processors and amplification makes this a logical product for the New York based company. Described … Read more

Sonus Faber Reimagine The Iconic Homage Collection

Sonus Faber Amati G5 Speakers

Italian loudspeaker maestros Sonus Faber have today announced the latest upgrade to their popular Homage collection. The new range includes reimagined versions of the Amati, Serafino and Guarneri loudspeakers as well as the Vox centre speaker. The story of the Homage collection begins in 1993 with the creation of the Guarneri, a timeless and innovative … Read more

Naim Release ‘New Classic’ 200 Series Products

Naim Announce New Classic Range

Legendary British hi-fi innovators Naim Audio have announced the release of their ‘New Classic’ range which consists of three new products which are expertly engineered and brimming with new technology – all in service of the sound. Designed and engineered by specialists in Salisbury, the ‘New Classic’ range is crafted with care and built to … Read more

Wilson Audio Launching New Alexia V Model

Wilson Audio Alexia V Speaker

Utah based speaker manufacturer Wilson Audio is known for their constant stream of R&D. They continually strive to improve their speakers and as such have now brought many new innovations to one of their most popular models, Alexia. The new Alexia V version will be released later this month. The differences from the Alexia Series … Read more

REL Announce New Reference No 32 and No 31 models

REL No.32 Subwoofer

Welsh subwoofer experts REL have released two new top-of-the-range models replacing the former No.25 as their flagship offering. The No.32 is no small subwoofer. At 85kg in weight it delivers 1000 watts and features a mammoth 15’’ pure carbon fibre driver. The cabinetry requiring three weeks of labour to complete. The new No.31 model gives … Read more

Audio Research I/50 Valve Amplifier Now In Stock

Audio Research I/50 Integrated Amplifier

We are pleased to announce we now keep the highly anticipated Audio Research I/50 valve integrated amplifier on demonstration in our Central London showroom as well as in stock. The I-50 is the first of a new range from Audio Research. Starting at £5,198 it is the entry product for the brand which has been … Read more

dCS Bartók Receives New 2.0 Software Upgrade

dCS Bartok 2.0

British digital aficionados dCS have announced a major software improvement to their extremely popular Bartók DAC / headphone amplifier. Named Bartók 2.0 the update sees performance upgrades, which, until now, were exclusive to the Vivaldi and Rossini platforms. 2.0 is a significant update to the mapping algorithm that controls the dCS Ring DAC. It also … Read more

McIntosh Unveil New Flagship MCD12000 CD Player

McIntosh MCD12000 CD Player

McIntosh have released their new flagship CD player, the MCD12000 SACD/CD Player. The new disc-spinner also works as their reference-level DAC, by enabling up to seven digital devices to benefit from its top-performance internal ESS digital-to-analogue convertors and is Roon Tested. The MCD12000 utilises two ESS Sabre Pro ES9038PRO 32-bit DACs each giving ESS’s HyperStream® … Read more

Bassocontinuo Introduce McIntosh Editions to their Classic Line Stands

Bassocontinuo Lyra LX4 2.1 Rack

Italian rack company Bassocontinuo are known for producing incredibly sleek looking audiophile stands that are extremely adaptable and versatile to your needs. One thing that Bassocontinuo offer which is unique to them, is the opportunity to tailor the colour scheme of your rack to your equipment. As such, they now offer a McIntosh styled variation … Read more

dCS Vivaldi One To Return With The New APEX DAC

dCS Vivaldi One

Following the launch of the dCS Ring DAC™ APEX, and the new Rossini and Vivaldi APEX models, dCS have announced the release of a new, limited-edition version of the Vivaldi One—the extremely popular all-in-one Network Music Player and CD/SACD Player. The Vivaldi One was originally released in 2017 to mark dCS’ 30th anniversary. Inspired by … Read more

Linn’s Organik DAC Now Available As An Upgrade for Previous Generations

Linn Organik DAC

Last year Linn undertook the massive project of designing and building their own DAC, completely from scratch, as with all Linn products, they felt it was only worth doing if the result would be significantly better than their previous designs utilising meticulously optimised 3rd-party chips. Since its release in the newest generation of their flagship … Read more

McIntosh MA9500, C12000 & MA352 Added to the KJ Collection

Mcintosh MA9500 Integrated Amplifier

As London’s largest McIntosh dealer, we are proud to keep an unrivalled selection of their best products in our Central London store available for demonstration. The McIntosh range is constantly evolving. Few manufacturers in the world have such an extensive range of products from Bluetooth receivers to 2KW mono blocks. Two of the most popular … Read more