Naim Audio Adds Nova PE to their Uniti Range

Naim Uniti Nova PE Power Edition

Since its introduction the Naim Uniti range has been immensely popular in the hi-fi world offering users an all-in-one amplifier that can stream almost anything with excellent usability and fantastic design. This week Naim have introduced a brand new product to the collection which now sits at the top. The Uniti Nova PE (Power Edition) … Read more

Bassocontinuo Introduce McIntosh Editions to their Classic Line Stands

Bassocontinuo Lyra LX4 2.1 Rack

Italian rack company Bassocontinuo are known for producing incredibly sleek looking audiophile stands that are extremely adaptable and versatile to your needs. One thing that Bassocontinuo offer which is unique to them, is the opportunity to tailor the colour scheme of your rack to your equipment. As such, they now offer a McIntosh styled variation … Read more

Product Spotlight – Engström ARNE Integrated Valve Amplifier

Engstrom ARNE Integrated Amplifier

Engström is not a household name yet in the audiophile world, the Stockholm-based family company was only founded in 2008 but their reputation in the UK is growing. The two co-founders, Lars and Timo Engström, are the chief engineer and industrial designer respectively. The ARNE is the company’s first integrated amplifier. Like the other Engström … Read more

Bassocontinuo F2 and Accordeon XL4 2.0 Racks on Display

Bassocontinuo F2 Rack

Bassocontinuo is an Italian manufacturer of modular audio racks, built to incredibly high standards for both performance and aesthetics. Many hi-fi stands offer one of the two but Bassocontinuo really bring both with their modern design, very reminiscent of the Italian sportscar look. They use premium materials like carbon fibre and stainless steel to give … Read more

Wilson Audio Announce New Alexx V Loudspeakers. Coming To KJ West One

Wilson Audio Alexx V Loudspeakers

American speaker heavyweight Wilson Audio have announced that on March 29th they will launch their new speaker, Alexx V, worldwide. As the name suggest this is a upgrade on the Alexx speaker which has been a key part of Wilson’s upper range for the last 4 years. Anyone who has been following Wilson Audio closely … Read more

Sonus Faber Electa Amator Iii Now On Display In Marylebone

To celebrate their 35th Anniversary, Italian speaker aficionados Sonus Faber have reimagined one of their classic models, the Electa Amator. The new version called Electa Amator III keeps the key design and integrity of the original but with a unique modern twist.  All Sonus Faber speakers are beautiful to look at but on this model in particular … Read more

Focal Elegia Father’s Day Offer Now On

To celebrate Father’s Day, Focal are offering a fantastic saving on their Elegia closed back headphones until June 16th. For this special period the headphones will be available for £699 (A saving of £100).  The Elegia is the headphone in the Focal range that is designed to be used on the go or when traveling. They … Read more

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

2018 has been another fantastic year here at KJ West One, we would like to thank all our customers for their continued business and we hope to see many of you again in 2019.  We are open during the Christmas period but we are shut on a number of days, please be aware of our … Read more

Devialet April Offer – Phantom + Stand From £1,390

Devialet have announced their latest offer for the month of April. Starting on Thursday 12th and finishing on Monday 30th April.  The offer is comprised of a number of different bundles, all of which include a Phantom and a stand. Whether it be White, Silver or Gold and Tree or Treepod, there is a fantastic … Read more

Jason Visits Wilson Audio In Utah Pt.3

Part 3 – The Listening As you can guess from previous instalments of this blog, I enjoyed my time at Wilson Audio immensely. The sights of Utah, factory tour and learning the proper set up procedure for Wilson speakers were all fascinating, but now it was time to listen! The starter was the brand new … Read more

Jason Visits Wilson Audio In Utah Pt.2

Part 2 – The Factory Tour It was Thursday, the day we had been waiting for and the real reason we had come all this way to Utah. Today we were going to have an in-depth tour of the factory and would get to hear two Wilsons I have not heard before (and very few people in … Read more

Jason Visits Wilson Audio In Utah Pt.1

When you’ve been in the Hi-Fi industry as long as I have, you get to go on a lot of training days and just as many factory tours. It’s always interesting and a good day out, but when I got the call from Pedro at Absolute Sounds that I was being invited to Utah to visit Wilson Audio, I … Read more

Stax Electrostatic Headphones Added To KJ West One’s Growing Headphone Collection

Here at KJ West One, we are excited to announce that we are now stocking the world renowned Stax ‘earspeakers’. We have a number of models now available for demonstration in store, including the only pair of their flagship SR-009 headphones in London. If you are interested in high-end headphones, you will already be very aware of … Read more

New Focal Sopra Loudspeakers Arrive At KJ West One, London

Here at KJ, we are always looking to expand range of hi-fi equipment available for demonstration in our store. Getting a new set of speakers in is always exciting. This month we have received the recently released Focal loudspeaker ‘Sopra No.2’.  Fans of Focal have been anticipating the arrival of Sopra since they were first announced. They … Read more

Tidal Comes To Naim Audio Streamers

Naim Audio have this week announced a significant upgrade to the software on their entire collection of hi-fi streaming products. Their range of Uniti all-in-one players, network players, streaming preamplifiers and Mu-so wireless music system all now feature native support for the hi-resolution digital service TIDAL.  The lossless streaming service has been seamlessly integrated into the … Read more

Dcs Launch Event At KJ West One, 31st July / 1st Aug

Here at KJ West One we are very pleased to announce the arrival of dCS to our showroom. To celebrate we will be holding a special 2 day event on the evening of the 31th July and all-day on the 1st August. We are now the only place in London to have the complete Vivaldi … Read more

New Naim Nap Dr Power Amplifiers Arrive

The new arrivals keep on coming here at KJ West One. Today we have received the new and improved Naim NAP 200 DR and NAP 250 DR Amplifiers. The DR amplifiers, which were announced at the Munich High-End show in May, are updated versions of the current Naim power amplifier range. The new models feature … Read more

Ex-display Sale Is Now On At KJ West One

Sale of ex-demonstration and high-quality used equipment has started at KJ West One on Saturday 17th January. Top audio brands including Audio Research, Krell, Sonus Faber, Naim Audio, Linn Products, Quad, Focal, SME and more. For prices please contact us at or call on 020 7486 8262Click here to see pictures of the units offered for sale. 

Audio Research Weekend At KJ West One, 5th & 6th December

Audio Research G Series Had Great Launch at KJ West One. By Chris Kelly On Friday 5th and Saturday 6th December KJ West One was delighted to welcome the UK HiFi press and then friends and customers to hear the brand new Audio Research G Series amplification system. The new pre and power amplifiers were … Read more

Kronos Turntables At KJ West One, 21-22 November 2014

Report on the Kronos Event at KJ West One. By Chris Kelly On the evening of Friday 21 November and all day on Saturday 22 November KJ was absolutely rocking to the sounds produced in both of our audition rooms with Kronos turntables as the source. Upstairs we had a Kronos playing into a Naim … Read more

Audio Research Weekend At KJ West One, 5th & 6th December

LAUNCH OF AUDIO RESEARCH NEW G SERIES AT KJ WEST ONE Audio Research – the Minnesotan manufacturer of the world’s finest valve-based audio equipment – marks the UK launch of its new G Series components with an exclusive event at KJ West One, Central London’s premier high-end audio retailer. Named in homage to Galileo, the … Read more

Vertere At KJ West One, 24-25 October

Touraj Moghaddam, Founder and CEO of  Vertere Acoustics, held court at the showrooms of KJ West One last Friday and Saturday.As a co-founder of Roksan in 1985, Touraj has become one of the most respected personalities in the world of hifi, with his turntable designs having garnered awards and praise in equal measure around the globe. … Read more

Quad Open Evening At KJ West One 16th October 6pm

We are pleased to announce a special QUAD event to be held at KJ West One in London on Thursday 16th October 2014 from 6pm to 9.30pm. This will be an extraordinary and unique opportunity to get up close and hear the current generation of components from this truly legendary British brand. Peter J. Comeau, Director … Read more

Naim Audio Uniti Lite & Focal Aria 906 Promotion

Naim Audio and Focal loudspeakers have announced an exciting end of summer promotion with their Uniti Lite all in one product and the new Aria 906 bookshelf speaker.When bought together as a package the following discounts apply                                     … Read more

A Magico Night At KJ West One 27th-28th June 2014

Come along to KJ West One for a MAGICO NIGHT starting at 6pm next Friday 27th June to continue throughout the day on Saturday 28th June. This is the first opportunity in the UK to listen to the whole range of Magico S-series loudspeakers including the newest model in the range, the S3. We will … Read more

Harbeth Day At KJ West One Saturday 21st June

Come along to KJ West One to hear new Harbeth SHL5 plus Monitors on Saturday 21 June. Meet Alan Shaw, the designer of the world’s most natural loudspeakers, hear the new model and enjoy the sound in a beautiful showroom in Central London. We will be running demonstrations throughout the day starting from 10am. Full … Read more

Naim Audio Statement Event 28th-29th May 2014

Here at KJ West One we are very pleased to announce that the brand new £135,000 Naim Statement amplifier is coming here for a special 2 day event on the 28th and 29th May.  Paired along with our own Focal Grande Utopia which we have on permanent demonstration this is going to be one of … Read more

9th May 5pm Linn Akurate Exakt Launch Event

Join us at KJ West One for the launch of Akurate Exakt and discover just how incredible it sounds for yourself. Using the same ground-breaking Exakt technology found in Linn’s Klimax Exakt system, Akurate Exakt is the true performance choice for music lovers. Exakt technology radically improves audio performance, pushing the lossless digital path all the way to the … Read more

Linn Vinyl Adikt Event At KJ West One

Last Saturday we held Linn Vinyl Adikt event at KJ West One. Derek Jenkins, one of the most respected LP12 specialists, ran two demonstrations of the Linn’s turntables. First system, comprised of Majik LP12, Majik DSM, Uphorik Phono Stage and Majik 109 loudspeakers, delivered a very convincing, clear high quality performance. Then we moved to … Read more

KJ West One Ex-display Sale Starting Saturday, 1st February

The sale items will include our own ex-demo stock from the world’s finest audio brands including Audio Research, Krell, Linn, Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio, Quad, Clearaudio, Martin Logan and EAT. Please call us for further details on 020 7486 8262 or email on – at KJ West One.Click the link…