REL Announce New Reference No 32 and No 31 models

Welsh subwoofer experts REL have released two new top-of-the-range models replacing the former No.25 as their flagship offering.

The No.32 is no small subwoofer. At 85kg in weight it delivers 1000 watts and features a mammoth 15’’ pure carbon fibre driver. The cabinetry requiring three weeks of labour to complete. The new No.31 model gives much of the performance of the 32 but in a smaller cabinet with a 12” driver and 900w power for those with a little less space available.

The two models have very similar design principles. They are closed box designs which utiliase carbon fibre cones with inverted carbon fibre centre caps. Amplification is Class D with dual parametric filters and an 80 dB gain control range. There is variable crossover control from 20 to 90 Hz and switchable phase control (0 or 180 degrees).

REL have been extremely complementary of their latest creations stating “Nothing we have built competes with the speed, agility, absence of texture, and vivid dynamic contrasts delivered by No.32. It represents the pinnacle of REL’s considerable experience and is our standard for future innovation.”

We will soon be getting the No.32 sub in to KJ West One for permanent demonstration. We will offer a place to hear this incredible subwoofer with a selection of the best speakers in the world. Get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

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