Audio Research I/50 Valve Amplifier Now In Stock

We are pleased to announce we now keep the highly anticipated Audio Research I/50 valve integrated amplifier on demonstration in our Central London showroom as well as in stock.

The I-50 is the first of a new range from Audio Research. Starting at £5,198 it is the entry product for the brand which has been a long time mainstay in the world of high-end audio.

Despite its lower price tag, remarkably the I/50 is still handcrafted in Minnesota at the Audio Research factory. In fact, it is the only product completely finished in-house since the introduction of the new finishing lab at the factory. This allows ARC to offer the I/50 in 6 different colour variations – black, silver, red, blue, white and gold. The special The ‘Cerakote finish’ is not only beautiful, but designed to be enduring and easy to maintain.

As the name suggests the I/50 gives 50 watts per channel with a substantial power supply and high current design, it is able to give a dynamic sound even on difficult speakers.

For this product Audio Research have used a modular design. The standard version features 3 RCA inputs and a balanced input but there are optional boards to add a phono stage or DAC (the DAC  board to be released next year).  

Having heard the I/50 we were extremely impressed with the depth of the sound. It comfortably drove our Wilson Sabrina X speakers giving a detailed and presentation. The kind of sound that makes you want to keep on listening all night!

The I/50 is now available for personal audition at our Central London showroom. Please get in touch to book an appointment or to find out more.

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