dCS Release APEX Upgrade to the Bartók DAC

Following the success of the APEX upgrade for the Vivaldi and Rossini ranges last year, British digital experts dCS have announced the highly regarded upgrade is now coming to the Bartók DAC and headphone amplifier.

According to dCS, Bartók APEX “retains the original’s powerful, dynamic and detailed soundscape and adds elements of resolution and refinement previously only achievable with the Rossini or Vivaldi APEX.”

As with the Rossini and Vivaldi APEX models, the Bartók now features the latest generations of dCS’ signature Ring DAC™ APEX, clocking architecture, and digital processing platform.

Initially released in 2018, the Bartók was designed to bring a one-box dCS streamer / DAC at a price point below the Rossini and Vivaldi ranges. It also included a headphone amplifier edition which was seen as many as taking ‘head-fi’ to a new level.

We have had a lot of experience with the APEX upgrades for Rossini and Vivaldi and we have been incredibly impressed with the results. The most noticeable difference is in the detail. APEX is able to take that next step in terms of transparency.

We have just received our demonstration Bartók APEX, which is available in store for a demonstration now. Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment.

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