McIntosh Introduces ‘Next Generation’ C55 & C2800 Preamplifiers

McIntosh Labs have announced the launch of two new preamplifier to their range saying “The next generation C55 solid state and C2800 vacuum tube preamplifiers offer an enhanced, connected experience”.

In this new range, McIntosh have focused on maintaining their timeless design whilst adding cutting edge technology to offer Mac fans a glimpse into the future.

The two new offerings come in at the same price but offer very different things. The C55 being the solid state version and the C2800 being valve. The C55 features an 8-band analog equaliser to fine-tune music with precision, creating a personalised audio experience whilst the C2800 offers a tailored audio experience to optimise performance to each user’s individual specifications. Electronic bass and treble circuits allow for volume level adjustments of low and high frequencies in precise 1dB steps. In addition, the C2800 remembers tone control circuitry bypass settings for each input.

Each preamplifier boasts an impressive 16 inputs, including 9 analogue and 7 digital connections, establishing either as the nerve centre of any audio system. From analogue to digital, the C55 and C2800 accommodate a plethora of sources, including turntables via their adjustable phono inputs along with premium-grade DAC technology for exquisite digital audio conversion.

With three sets of stereo balanced and unbalanced outputs, the C55 and C2800 offer unmatched flexibility in connecting to power amplifiers. Their innovative design allows for bi-amping configurations and personalised audio experiences tailored to each listener’s needs and personal preference. A Processor Loop, something not available on the last few generations of McIntosh preamplifiers, makes its return and allows for seamless integration of external processors.

New McIntosh Connect App (scheduled to be available April 2024)

In addition to using the included remote control or front panel controls, users will have the option to connect the C55 and C2800 to their home network and unlock a world of control possibilities through the new complementary McIntosh Connect app; available for both Android and Apple devices. With the Connect app, users can seamlessly control key functions, receive firmware updates, and enhance the listening experience with a whole new level of convenience.

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