British Brand Quiescent Added to the KJ Collection

We are thrilled to be adding the new Quiescent T1000SPA stereo power amplifier to our range of demonstration equipment available within our high-end showroom based in Marylebone, London.

Quiescent is a relatively new name within the audiophile world but the company has history under its former guise of Vertex AQ, who have long been recognised as one of the leading pioneers for noise and vibration control in audio systems. With the new designer, Nigel Payne, at the helm, Quiescent are taking the concepts of Vertex AQ and developing them further.

The key principle of the Quiescent brand (as referenced in the name which means “tranquillity at rest”) is that their products are extremely quiet and disappear to leave the music as close to the intended output as possible.

When asked about this Nigel said “When we design systems, our fundamental principle is that all components are not at rest. Each active or passive device in a circuit, whether it is a transformer or speaker driver unit, output transistors, capacitors or even microprocessors, actively adds to the musical signal. Our goal is to ensure that the system is invisible to the listener, and our decision to name ourselves Quiescent was a deliberate consequence of that design philosophy”.

The T100SPA is a solid state class AB power amplifier rated at 130W per channel into 8Ω, it drives effortless power into the most demanding loads thanks to its patented QPower™ technology. The QPower™ system incorporates d.c. blocking, high-frequency noise reduction, vibration isolation of the transformer and bridge rectifiers from the audio boards. This decoupling of vibration prevents board components from generating erroneous microphonic-generated noise.

We aren’t the only ones who believe Nigel is on the right track, the T100SPA stereo amplifier recently received a glowing review from Jason Kennedy of The Ear magazine who claimed “This is the quietest power amplifier I have had the pleasure of using, as soon as you put a decent recording on you can hear so much of the low level details that it’s uncanny.”

KJ West One will be a dealer for the full Quiescent range of audio products which includes power amplifiers, streamers, cables, conditioners and grounding components.

Get in touch to book your audition of the T100SPA in one of our dedicated listening rooms.

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