Wilson Audio Launching New Alexia V Model

Utah based speaker manufacturer Wilson Audio is known for their constant stream of R&D. They continually strive to improve their speakers and as such have now brought many new innovations to one of their most popular models, Alexia. The new Alexia V version will be released later this month.

The differences from the Alexia Series 2 include the following –

CSC Tweeter

The Convergent Synergy Carbon tweeter was first developed for the Alexx V speaker and now sees its way to Alexia. The tweeter involves a complex carbon rear-wave chamber which is 3D printed in house by Wilson. This tweeter marks a good difference in the high notes giving an increased level of ambient retrieval and exceptional harmonic expression.

Quadramag Mid-range

After extensive experimentation and system refinements the Alnico (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt) QuadraMag has been successfully incorporated into the design and selected as the main midrange for the Alexia V. First developed for the Chronosonic XVX, the QuadraMag midrange provides a tonally rich and life-like sound.

Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes

The Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode is a new spike system that was first introduced with Alexx V and now incorporated in Alexia V. The Diodes use a combination of stainless steel and the WA ‘V Material’. These improved spikes give superlative vibration management that reveals far greater dynamic nuances across the entire frequency spectrum.

Enclosure Volume

The Mid enclosure internal volume has been increased by 6.4% to allow a more open sounding midrange. The Woofer enclosure internal volume has also increased by 8.9% compared with Alexia Series 2 effectively creating deeper low frequency reproduction and faster transient settling.

There are also improvements to the crossover capacitors and the levelling system as well as the design and materials used in the cabinetry.

We are confident given Wilson Audio’s R&D success in the last 5 years that this speaker will be much improved from the already incredible Series 2 speaker.

The official global launch for Alexia V will be on September 23rd 2022.

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