Magico S3 Speakers Now On Demonstration

The highly anticipated new Magico S3 speakers have now arrived in our Central London showroom and are available for personal auditions.

With its newly engineered enclosure, the 2023 model takes the S3’s capabilities to the next level. Utilising their new in-house 3D laser interferometry system, Magico have been able to more accurately analyse their cabinetry designs and the resonances to develop the internal bracing and damping techniques used in the speaker. The new S3 enclosure is 30% quieter than its predecessor.

This is clearly a speaker that Alon Wolf has taken extremely seriously. No aspect of the S3’s design was left to chance. Magico’s commitment to leveraging its R&D resources for the best acoustical performance is unrivalled.

When the S3 arrived at KJ, the first thing we noticed straight out of the box was the quality of the finish. Our demonstration pair are in the M-Gloss red finish and it looks and feels spectacular. The quality is up there with what you would expect on a top-end supercar.

The next thing we noted is that this speaker is feels much more substantial than the old S3. The cabinet used is thicker and there is more bracing inside which adds weight to the speaker. The baseplates and new feet are a nice variation from the previous model’s spikes. According to Magico this is to lower the centre of gravity of the speaker and increase overall stability, to give a lower noise floor and increased dynamics.

Listening to this new model, we are extremely impressed. We believe this speaker is more comparable to the M2 model than the previous generation of S3. The thing that stood out to us most is the lack of distortion, these are incredibly easy to listen to speakers, its a natural and sweet sound that is just so engaging. These are the type of speakers that you just want to listen to for hours. The bass is controlled, the mid-range is very detailed whilst the highs are crisp. It is a very well-rounded sound that has life but doesn’t come across coloured.

The S3 is now on permanent demonstration so please get in touch if you would like to set up a personal demonstration.

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