Innuos STATEMENT Music Server Added to Collection

Innuos is a modern hi-fi success story, founded in 2009 the company quickly rose to become a well-known brand within the digital sector of the market. Innuos have mastered the art of music servers, offering a range from the affordable PULSEmini to the flagship STATEMENT. The company believes their products “unleash the full potential of digital music playback”.

The STATEMENT represents the company’s magnum opus when it comes to server design. It is a two-box system with the server and power supply separated. By using a double-enclosure design, it helps contain the vibration effects of the massive 540VA toroidal transformer at its heart.

So what makes the STATEMENT so special? Well, the power supply is very innovative and has a number of great features. Firstly the PSU features 8 independent linear power rails, meaning each critical component receives its own dedicated supply preventing cross contamination. This is particularly important for the custom designed Ethernet and USB high-precision OCXO clocks.

Because noise is so important when designing network products, the motherboard has been fully EMI-optimised to Innuos’ own exclusive design, by removing any unnecessary, noise-generating components capable of compromising audio.  A fully-customised BIOS ensures the hardware works at its lowest noise without impairing performance.

The STATEMENT looks a feels like a high-end piece of equipment. The 10mm thick CNC machined aluminium chassis is not only visually impressive, but key to isolate external EMI, and its weight helps dampen harmful vibration into the system.

Since its release the STATEMENT has received some incredible reviews in the hi-fi press. One particular example is by Scott Hull for who said “The Statement is an unqualified good thing — it made my system sound better than it ever has, and all things being equal (and me being unaccountably wealthy), there would be an Innuos Statement in my review system full-time, all-the-time. It’s a brilliant tool and one that gets me closer to the music, closer to “the absolute sound” (if you believe in such things) than any computer-based transport ever has. The Innuos Statement is my current reference for State-of-the-Art and handily earns our Editors Choice Award.”

The full Innuos range is now available to buy from KJ West One and we keep the STATEMENT on permanent demonstration at our Central London showroom. Get in touch to arrange an audition.

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