Audioquest’s Debut Headphones ‘nighthawk’ Arrive At KJ West One

This week we have received the brand new Audioquest ‘semi-open’ headphones, Nighthawk.  Most commonly known for their history of cable manufacture, Audioquest have a reputation for creating innovative and well thought out products. Nighthawk is no exception.  Audioquest’s UK Sales Manager Toby Allen explained to us ‘We realised that the headphones market has become somewhat saturated in recent … Read more

Avantgarde Acoustic Zero-1 Review & Beautifully Simple, Great Sound

The audio industry is changing. Over the last decade the rise of digital music and all-in-one systems has seen a tremendous rise. Though there are still many audiophiles who love developing their home setup and tinkering with different cables and platforms and take great pride in their extensive CD or vinyl collections, there are now … Read more

Wilson Audio Sabrina Review- Compact In Size, Not In Sound

The new Wilson Audio Sabrinas have been here at KJ West One for just over a couple of weeks now. They are, in my opinion, the best looking Wilson speaker to date, with a smooth, simplistic design. We have been running them in since their arrival but I was still yet to really sit down and truly … Read more