Latest Products Announced at Munich High-End 2024

It’s that time of the year again. The High-End show in Munich is generally regarded as the most important hi-fi exhibition of the year. The immense success of the show has lead a number of brands to routinely announce their latest products in Munich. This year was no exception. Here is a run-down of the new products showcased by KJ brands.

Wilson Audio The WATT/Puppy

Those following the progress of Wilson Audio for some time will know the iconic WATT/Puppy speakers. In Munich, the American loudspeaker manufacturer presented the latest ‘remastering’ of the speaker.

Inspired by the original WATT/Puppy’s legacy, the development of this instantly recognisable design began with a hopeful vision: to create a WATT/Puppy that would honour the original designer by utilising current technologies and innovations refined for more than 50 years. Simply put, to build a WATT/Puppy that Dave Wilson would have built if he had the resources then that Wilson Audio now possesses.

The original WATT/Puppy underwent a total of eight evolutions from 1986-2011. Thirteen years after the retirement of Series 8, The WATT/Puppy now is constructed with the most refined versions of X-Material for the internal bracing and external enclosure, S-Material for midrange coupling to the front WATT baffle, and V-Material for the top of the Puppy, serving as the vibration-sink interface for the WATT.

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Vertere Calon Phono Preamplifier and SG II HB tonearm

The Calon from Vertere is a unique dual mono phono stage which is a completely new addition to their range. Vertere is a company that specialises in high-end analogue so this is an exciting product for vinyl enthusiasts.

Two separate gain stages, pre and post linearisation, afford unparalleled control of signal clarity and detail resolution. A dedicated LF filter moderates wasted energy and headroom from subsonic noise, allowing your analogue source to perform to a whole new level of fine tuned efficiency.  And granular impedance and capacitance control means CALON can work in perfect harmony with virtually any MM or MC cartridge you choose to use. Under its non-magnetic stainless steel chassis, two identical, gold plated, four-layer PCBs provide flawless dual mono performance.

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The SG II tonearm is almost a complete reworking of the original SG. Although it looks very similar to the older model, evolved in almost every aspect of its design and performance.

Weight distribution has been fine tuned to optimise the effective mass seen at the stylus tip – significantly reducing movement whilst elevating efficiency and information retrieval. To do this, key improvements have been made including a new titanium headshell that achieves better dynamic mass distribution, and a heavier dual-axis counterweight that’s decoupled and fitted with adjustable outriders for enhanced azimuth adjustment. A new bearing yoke aligns even closer with the stylus tip, and a stiffer rolled carbon fibre tube improves the connection to the headshell and bearing yoke joints.

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Focal Azurys and Hadenys Headphones

French speaker brand Focal revealed two new models for their very well regarded headphone range. Both products are based off the design of the popular Bathys wireless headphones using the same in-house manufactured drive units.

The Hadenys is a new open-back model and the Azurys is a closed-back option. These are passive headphones, ideally suited for home listening. These two additions offer a new entry range for the Focal headphone range giving great sound with beautiful aesthetics.

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Degritter Fonoteek Record Cleaning Machine

The new Fonoteek is a flagship record cleaner from Degritter. The machine comes in a large retro looking cabinet and offers ‘unrivalled performance’ and features four different functions –

Brush wash – Fonoteek has two microfiber brushes to wash off larger dirt from the record surface.

Ultrasonic wash – Degritter is known for its efficient ultrasonic cleaning. Fonoteek also has a large radiator for cooling the water. Water is constantly cooled and maintained on a vinyl-safe temperature so the washing program won’t be interrupted by a cooling cycle. 

Rinse – Fonoteek features a built-in two-tank system – one water tank for washing and one tank for rinsing with purified water. To keep the water clean, there are two types of industrial-grade filters – an activated carbon filter and a deionization filter. The flters are easy to replace with a click and turn system. 

Dry – When the cleaning process is over, the machine proceeds with the drying cycle. 

Pre-order for the Fonoteek machine starts from June 10th in 2024. Fonoteek will reach the customers by the end of this year.

Sonus Faber G2 Sonetto Collection

Italian speaker maestros Sonus Faber have announced the launch of the Sonetto G2 collection, a new generation of the iconic audio brand’s award-winning Sonetto series, featuring seven new speakers designed to take the listening experience to new heights.

The Sonetto G2 collection includes a complete range of speakers, including stand-mount, floor-standing, and wall-mount options, designed to meet the needs of every listener, whether a music enthusiast or a professional audiophile. Each speaker has been constructed with high-quality materials and finished with the utmost attention to detail, embodying the very essence of Italian craftsmanship.

Prices start at £1,750, the Sonetto G2 series is available for purchase starting in July 2024. 

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