dCS Bartók Receives New 2.0 Software Upgrade

dCS Bartok 2.0

British digital aficionados dCS have announced a major software improvement to their extremely popular Bartók DAC / headphone amplifier. Named Bartók 2.0 the update sees performance upgrades, which, until now, were exclusive to the Vivaldi and Rossini platforms. 2.0 is a significant update to the mapping algorithm that controls the dCS Ring DAC. It also … Read more

McIntosh Unveil New Flagship MCD12000 CD Player

McIntosh MCD12000 CD Player

McIntosh have released their new flagship CD player, the MCD12000 SACD/CD Player. The new disc-spinner also works as their reference-level DAC, by enabling up to seven digital devices to benefit from its top-performance internal ESS digital-to-analogue convertors and is Roon Tested. The MCD12000 utilises two ESS Sabre Pro ES9038PRO 32-bit DACs each giving ESS’s HyperStream® … Read more

Bassocontinuo Introduce McIntosh Editions to their Classic Line...

Bassocontinuo Lyra LX4 2.1 Rack

Italian rack company Bassocontinuo are known for producing incredibly sleek looking audiophile stands that are extremely adaptable and versatile to your needs. One thing that Bassocontinuo offer which is unique to them, is the opportunity to tailor the colour scheme of your rack to your equipment. As such, they now offer a McIntosh styled variation … Read more

dCS Vivaldi One To Return With The New...

dCS Vivaldi One

Following the launch of the dCS Ring DAC™ APEX, and the new Rossini and Vivaldi APEX models, dCS have announced the release of a new, limited-edition version of the Vivaldi One—the extremely popular all-in-one Network Music Player and CD/SACD Player. The Vivaldi One was originally released in 2017 to mark dCS’ 30th anniversary. Inspired by … Read more

Linn’s Organik DAC Now Available As An Upgrade...

Linn Organik DAC

Last year Linn undertook the massive project of designing and building their own DAC, completely from scratch, as with all Linn products, they felt it was only worth doing if the result would be significantly better than their previous designs utilising meticulously optimised 3rd-party chips. Since its release in the newest generation of their flagship … Read more

McIntosh MA9500, C12000 & MA352 Added to the...

Mcintosh MA9500 Integrated Amplifier

As London’s largest McIntosh dealer, we are proud to keep an unrivalled selection of their best products in our Central London store available for demonstration. The McIntosh range is constantly evolving. Few manufacturers in the world have such an extensive range of products from Bluetooth receivers to 2KW mono blocks. Two of the most popular … Read more

Product Spotlight – Engström ARNE Integrated Valve Amplifier

Engstrom ARNE Integrated Amplifier

Engström is not a household name yet in the audiophile world, the Stockholm-based family company was only founded in 2008 but their reputation in the UK is growing. The two co-founders, Lars and Timo Engström, are the chief engineer and industrial designer respectively. The ARNE is the company’s first integrated amplifier. Like the other Engström … Read more

Devialet Reveal New Dione Soundbar

Devialet Dione Soundbar

French manufacturer Devialet are well-known to audiophiles for their sleek ‘Expert’ amplifiers and impressive ‘Phantom’ speakers but this week the highly regarded company is entering a new market with the release of a new soundbar entitled ‘Dione‘. As with all their products Devialet doesn’t just want to produce what everyone else is doing, they want … Read more

dCS unveil new APEX update for their iconic...

dCS Apex

British digital audio innovators dCS have today unveiled details of APEX – a major update to the hardware portion of the dCS Ring DAC. The APEX project has involved months of intensive R&D looking at and developing ways to improve their flagship DAC. Technical Director Andy McHarg describes the process as ““We have a very … Read more

Highly Regarded X-Quisite Cartridges Added to the KJ...

X-Quisite CA Cartridge

X-Quisite is a new name when it comes to analogue, having released their first products just two years ago. However the man behind these cartridges is certainly not new to audiophiles. Micha Huber invented the incredible Thales tonearm and spent many years working with EMT to develop their cartridges and phono stage releases. He is … Read more

Linn Improve Their Flagship Klimax LP12 Record Player

Linn Klimax LP12

Respected Scottish turntable manufacturer Linn have announced a number of significant improvements to their top-of-the-line record player, the Klimax LP12. They say these upgrades “produce an even more musical, pitch-perfect performance.” The keys changes come in the form of the latest version of the Radikal motor and power supply as well as the introduction of … Read more

Stax Release SR-X9000 Flagship Electrostatic Headphone

Stax SR-X9000 headphones

Legendary Japanese electrostatic headphone manufacturer Stax has just announced the release of their new top-of-the-range earspeaker called the SR-X9000. The headphone contains many new developments but perhaps the most important is the improvements to their fixed electrode, which has now evolved to the 4-layer structure MLER-3. “An etching electrode and a metal-mesh electrode are bonded … Read more

Engström ERIC Encore UK Launch at KJ West...

Engstrom Eric Encore Event

Co-founder Timo Engström joins us to present the new ERIC Encore valve mono amplifiers, recently described as ‘Tubular Titans’ by Hifi News On Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of October, KJ West One will be teaming up with Engström and distributor Boyer Audio to present a weekend event showcasing the brand new Engström ERIC Encore … Read more

Brinkmann Balance – A Turntable Engineered to Perfection

Brinkmann Balance Turntable

Brinkmann have long been highly regarded in the field of analogue audio, their turntables are a masterful example of German engineering at its best. At the top of the Brinkmann food chain sits the Balance. The Balance has the beautiful styling and world class build quality of the rest of the beloved Brinkmann range, but … Read more

Unique MBL Radialstrahler 101 E MKII Speakers Arrive

MBL Radialstrahler 101 E Mk II Speakers

Clearly one of the world’s most innovative loudspeakers, MBL are a German company that loves to push the boundaries. The Radialstrahler 101 E Mk II is manufactured to an incredible standard and delivers a sound that is truly remarkable. Effortlessly brilliant. We are pleased to be able to bring this often difficult to find speaker … Read more

Maxima and Minima Complete the Sonus Faber Amator...

Sonus Faber Maxima Amaor Speakers

We are pleased to have received demonstration models of the incredibly beautiful Sonus Faber Maxima and Minima Amator loudspeakers. They join the Electa Amator III here at KJ West One to complete the ‘Heritage’ collection. The Maxima Amator is the latest and the head of the of the collection. It is a floor standing 2-way … Read more

Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers Arrive in London

Wilson Audio Alexx V Loudspeakers

We are pleased to announce the brand new Alexx V speakers from world renowned American specialists Wilson Audio have landed in Central London and are on permanent demonstration in our showroom. KJ West One has long been a premier dealer of Wilson Audio in the UK. We believe their speakers match up with any other … Read more

Naim Release New Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

Naim Audio Uniti Atom Headphone Edition

Since their introduction, the Naim Uniti collection has been one of the most popular ranges in the hi-fi world. They managed to blend ease of use, style and sound quality perfectly to create an all-in-one solution that is very difficult to beat at its price point. The latest addition to the range is a unique … Read more

Bassocontinuo F2 and Accordeon XL4 2.0 Racks on...

Bassocontinuo F2 Rack

Bassocontinuo is an Italian manufacturer of modular audio racks, built to incredibly high standards for both performance and aesthetics. Many hi-fi stands offer one of the two but Bassocontinuo really bring both with their modern design, very reminiscent of the Italian sportscar look. They use premium materials like carbon fibre and stainless steel to give … Read more

Hi-Fi Rose Digital Music Streamers Now on Demonstration

Hifi Rose RS201E

Digital music is of course extremely popular at the moment, it offers ease of use that is unmatched, an almost unlimited selection of titles and great quality which is getting better by the day! Hi-Fi Rose is a Korean manufacturer who are making waves in the digital market with their stylish, simple to use and … Read more

Linn Release New And Improved Klimax DSM

Linn Klimax DSM Network Player

Scotland’s Linn Products have this week released the newest version of their flagship digital streamer, Klimax DSM. The new Klimax features a host of upgrades over the previous models but probably most significant is the fully in-house designed new DAC they call Organik. Visually the Klimax DSM is now in-line with the company’s successful Selekt … Read more

KJ West One To Reopen To The Public...

KJ West One Reopening

As the UK government has announced their ‘road map to recovery’ we are pleased to say that non-essential retail shops will be able to reopen to the public on Monday 12th April. This is great news here at KJ West One as we’ll be able to welcome our dedicated customer base back to our Central … Read more

Wilson Audio Announce New Alexx V Loudspeakers. Coming...

Wilson Audio Alexx V Loudspeakers

American speaker heavyweight Wilson Audio have announced that on March 29th they will launch their new speaker, Alexx V, worldwide. As the name suggest this is a upgrade on the Alexx speaker which has been a key part of Wilson’s upper range for the last 4 years. Anyone who has been following Wilson Audio closely … Read more

Refurbished Devialet Phantoms In Stock For Next Day...

Devialet Gold Phantom

We have stock of both refurbished Devialet Gold and Silver Phantoms available for immediate collection or next day delivery.  These are newly refurbished Devialet Phantoms meaning they have been re-manufactured by Devialet to be in brand new condition. They come with a full 2 year warranty and are sealed as new. Devialet only refurbish a certain … Read more

Sonus Faber Announce ‘trade Up Programme’ Offering Full...

Renowned Italian speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber has announced a new ‘Trade Up’ promotion which allows potential customers to part exchange any speakers for their full original price. This is not limited to Sonus Faber speakers but in fact any speaker (as long as the customer can show proof of purchase). The new speakers must be … Read more