Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers Arrive in London

We are pleased to announce the brand new Alexx V speakers from world renowned American specialists Wilson Audio have landed in Central London and are on permanent demonstration in our showroom.

KJ West One has long been a premier dealer of Wilson Audio in the UK. We believe their speakers match up with any other brand in the world. We have been highly anticipating the Alexx V since it was announced in February.

The Wilson Audio Alexx V Speakers.

As the name suggests, Alexx V is the successor to the Alexx. It is positioned just above the Alexia 2 in the range. The Alexx V joins the Sasha DAW, Sabrina X, Tune Tot and Alexia 2 in the group of speakers which have been designed solely by Darryl Wilson who took over as head designer a few years ago. We believe the developments in this period have taken Wilson speakers to that next level in terms of sound.

The decision was made that a fresh look at the Alexx was in order, so Wilson Audio’s R&D team approached the Alexx V as it if were an all-new loudspeaker. They took elements that clearly worked in the original design and began to apply the myriad of technologies generated by Wilson’s R&D since the advent of the Alexx.

Alexx V features an entirely new Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) tweeter. This all carbon fibre design is completely manufactured in-house using several 3D printers. The sonic results of this tweeter development cycle have been nothing short of dramatic.

With the midrange band two dissimilar sized drivers were opted to leverage the incredible advances of the Alnico (Aluminium, Nickel, Cobalt) QuadraMag® design. This 7” mid was originally developed for XVX Chronosonic and has a warmth, beauty, and texture that brings to life all the elements in your favourite recordings. The QuadraMag driver combines four separate magnets, arranged in an innovative quadrature geometry, further enhancing the delicate intricacies of the all-critical midrange reproduction quality.

We currently have these speakers running with the Dartzeel amplification and DCS Vivladi as the source. Our initial impression is that this is extremely impressive straight out of the box. The sense of scale is magnificent and the detail and dynamics really build the atmosphere of the room. We highly recommend Wilson lovers come and hear this speaker first hand.

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