MBL Radialstrahler 101 X-Treme System Takes Residency at KJ West One

Here at KJ West One we pride ourselves on showcasing world class audio systems. We love to demonstrate products that you will not hear anywhere else in the UK. For the next few months we will be doing exactly that as we have the iconic full MBL Radialstrahler 101 X-Treme system in our downstairs listening room.

The 101 X-Treme system comprises of the two 101 Xtreme loudspeakers, six subwoofers, four 9008A power amplifiers, 6010D Preamplifier and the 1611F DAC / streamer.

This system was recently reviewed by The Absolute Sound magazine where Jonathan Valin announced “The exceedingly large, extremely heavy (better than a ton and a half), eight-chassis, twenty-six-driver, $263,000, omnidirectional MBL 101 X-tremes are, in almost every way possible, the best loudspeakers I’ve heard in my home—or anyplace else, for that matter.”

The idea behind all MBL omni-directional speakers is for the speaker to radiate the sound into the room in a way to mimic the acoustics and ambiance of a concert hall. They are the only speaker we have heard that uses this method and achieves its goal very well. This is particularly true of the 101 X-Tremes. Put on a classical track for instance and be blown away by the dynamics and space. It is a cliché in the audio world but the MBLs really do transport you into the venue.

We will have this system permanently set up in our downstairs demonstration room for the coming months. If you would like to hear them, please get in touch and we would be happy to play you something.

We also have the Radialstrahler 101 E Mk II and the Radialstrahler 126 in store available for audition.

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