Uk’s Only Magico A3 Speakers Now On Demo

Earlier this year Magico relapsed their latest loudspeaker, the A3, which is now the starting point of their range. This innovative speaker now makes Magico loudspeakers obtainable for a wider audience. The A3 brings together a bevy of technologies unheard-of at its price point. We are proud to be showcasing this amazing speaker before anyone else … Read more

Now Accepting Offers On Our Demonstration Focal Grande Utopias

We are now accepting offers on our demonstration pair of Focal Grande Utopia EM Loudspeakers.  They are in mint condition and come with the original accessories. We do not have the original crates, but they can be obtained if necessary from Focal and we can organise delivery. Exact delivery costs would need to be calculated. … Read more

Harbeth 40th Anniversary Edition 30.2 Now On Demonstration In Central London

We are very pleased to have received the latest speaker available from esteemed British loudspeaker manufacturer Harbeth.  The new 30.2 is a limited edition model released to coincide with the company’s 40 year anniversary this year. These speakers are limited to just 40 pieces in the UK, so they are a very special purchase if you … Read more

Naim Uniti Atom Now Available For Demonstration In Central London

After a long wait we have now received our first delivery of Naim Audio Uniti Atom all-in-one players.  This has been one of the most highly anticipated products in recent memory. Its mix of usability, great sound, versatility and price makes it a product that will be in very high demand.  The Atom is the upgrade to … Read more

KJ Becomes The Uks Only Current Shunyata Research Dealer

Shunyata Research are an American manufacturer whose cables are incredibly well respected the world over, in particular their power cables and conditioners are often described by many as the best in the industry.  For reasons unbeknownst to us, Shunyata cables haven’t really seen the support in the UK as they have in the rest of … Read more

Dcs Announces Limited Edition Vivaldi One Player

This week esteemed British digital audio company dCS has announced a significant addition to their flagship Vivaldi range. To celebrate their 30th anniversary year, they have announced the new limited edition Vivaldi One. Limited to just 250 uniquely numbered pieces, the Vivaldi One takes the technology seen in the usual 4-box Vivaldi system and minimises it to … Read more

Audioquest Niagara 7000 Mains Conditioner Now On Demo

Hi-Fi can be a funny thing. It is not always as simple as upgrading your amplifier or speakers to get big improvements in your system, some products that might be ‘under the radar’ to most can make huge increases in sound quality. One such product is the new Audioquest Niagara 7000 Noise Dissipation System.  The idea of … Read more

KJ Becomes The Uk’s Only Magico M3 Dealer

In our constant quest to provide the world’s greatest high-end audio to the UK, we have again brought another first to the country.  The Magico M3 is a speaker that has been getting unbelievable praise and glowing reviews from just about everybody who has listened to it. With this speaker, Magico have exceeded even their own incredibly … Read more

Sim2 Xtv Projector And Screen Innovations Slate 1.2 Screen Now On Display

Since the introduction of our KJ Cinema division last year we have completed a number of impressive high-end home cinema systems for our clients. Now we have taken the next step and installed an extremely impressive yet simple reference quality AV setup in our main showroom.  The difficulty with projectors and screens can often occur … Read more

Harbeth Release Special 40th Anniversary Versions Of Super Hl5+ And 40.2 Speakers.

It has now been 40 years since legendary speaker designer Dudley Harwood (famous for his work at the BBC designing monitors including the LS3/5a) formed Harbeth Audio.  To celebrate this occasion the company is releasing special edition variations of their current Super HL5+ and reference 40.2 speakers. The new Anniversary editions have many improvements inside and … Read more

New Naim Uniti Range Available To Pre-order Now

Last week British hi-fi legends Naim Audio released details of their latest advancements. This time the upgrades are coming to their already extremely popular Uniti range of all-in-one products.  The entire Uniti range has been upgraded with the exception of the UnitiLite. The top of the range is the Uniti Nova which was the SuperUniti. The Uniti 2 now … Read more

Devialet Pro Series Upgrades To Begin In September

One of the key features of all Devialet amplifiers is the unique upgrade path that they build into their products. Devialet is a hugely innovative company and they want to make sure that their customers always have the opportunity to keep their amplifiers on the cutting edge of technology.  This month Devialet have announced the latest of … Read more

The Bespoke Audio Company Brings Its Passive Preamplifier To KJ

There are very few products in the hi-fi world which are genuinely custom built for you, but The Bespoke Audio Company offer a passive preamplifier which is.  Rather than mass-produce a one size-fits-all preamplifier that will please everyone, The Bespoke Audio Company have chosen to offer a more personalised and intimate product that is hand built specifically to the … Read more

Devialet Announces 2 New Innovations – Gold Phantom And Le 1000 Pro

Devialet have again lived up to their reputation as audio innovators by announcing two new and exciting products in the same week.  Both their Phantom and Expert ranges will see new flagship models added with the release of the Gold Phantom wireless system and the 1000 Pro expert amplifier.  Gold Phantom is the result of the obsessional quest for … Read more

The Chord Company’s New Reference Cable ‘chordmusic’ Lands At KJ West One.

ChordMusic is a unique and revolutionary new high-end cable range from British manufacturer The Chord Company. We are pleased to announce that we now have a full range of demonstration stock in our London store At KJ, we believe cables are absolutely imperative to a system’s performance. When you have high-end equipment like we stock, it is … Read more

Naim’s New Compact Player ‘mu-sq Qb’ Arrives In Store

After much anticipation, Naim Audio’s latest all-in-one player ‘Mu-So Qb’ has now been released and we have stock available to audition and buy in our Central London showroom.   The Qb is the more compact version of Naim’s incredibly successful Mu-So player which was released in 2014.  Like the larger Mu-So, the Qb is able to … Read more

KJ Welcomes The New Audio Research Reference 6 Pre-amplifier

We have just received the brand new and stunning Reference 6 pre-amplifier from the high-end amplification specialists Audio Research. The Ref 6 is now available for demonstration in our Central London based audio showroom.  Those aware of the Audio Research range will instantly recognise that the aesthetic of this pre-amp has been updated with the … Read more

Metronome Le Player Now Available For Demonstration At KJ

Metronome Technologie CD Players have been a key part of our high-end hi-fi demonstration stock for many years. They are without doubt a special company, making extraordinary CD transports and DACs.  This week we are pleased to welcome their latest creation ‘Le Player’ to KJ. This one-box CD player is now in store and available for … Read more

New Stax Srs-5100 Electrostatic Headphone Combo Arrives In Store

As you may be aware, last month we announced that we had become the first London store to stock the reference Stax electrostatic headphones, SR-009, and their little brothers the SR-007s. We have now added to our Stax stock with their latest products, the SRS-5100 combination, which comprises of the new SR-L500 and SRM-353X energiser. The SR-L500 ‘earspeakers’ are the most … Read more

Devialet Original D’atelier Now Available In London

Following on from our launch event in December we have just received our brand new limited edition Devialet Original d’Atelier (Le 900) which is now available for demonstration in our Central London showroom. This is a fantastic upgrade for Devialet, there are a number of key innovations in Le 900. The Class D board has been completely … Read more

Gsi75 Integrated Amplifier Completes The Audio Research ‘g’ Series

The ‘G’ Series has been a very successful and innovative range for Audio Research this year. We have been demonstrating the GSPre and GS150 Power Amplifiers for some time now here at KJ West One and we are delighted to say that the newly released GSi75 Integrated Amplifier is now available in the UK and has been … Read more

Dcs Rossini Player Now Available For Demonstration In London

After the success of our UK launch event last month, we have received our very own Rossini streamer, enabling us to run personal auditions of DCS’ latest ‘all-in-one’ digital source, tailored to our customer’s requirements.  The Rossini is a welcome addition to our hi-fi demo room as it offers customers a true high-end digital streamer … Read more

Rel Subwoofers Bring The Bass To KJ West One

In our showroom we like to cover all aspects of hi-fi from cartridges and cables to headphones and streamers. This is why we have developed our in-store subwoofer range with the highly regarded British manufacturer REL Acoustics.  As well as having the ‘Serie S’ subwoofers in stock, we are now the only dealers in London to … Read more

KJ West One Expands Wilson Audio Range With Sabrina And Alexia

Wilson Audio is an important brand for us at KJ West One, not only do their loudspeakers sound incredible but they have a keen following of dedicated audiophiles. This is why we are adding the new Sabrina loudspeakers as well as the ultra-impressive Alexia to our in-store demonstration range. With the Sabrina, Wilson Audio have been able to utilise their … Read more

Dan D’agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier Lands At KJ West One

Even when working in an exclusive hi-fi shop like KJ, you still get excited when one of your favourite products is arriving.  The Dan D’Agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier is one of those pieces. We received the delivery yesterday to find that it arrived in a stunning metallic protective flight case. It is the extras like this which … Read more

Latest Sonus Faber Amati Futura Speakers Arrive At KJ West One

The new additions at KJ West One keep coming. This week we were happy to receive the latest edition of the Sonus Faber Amati Futura passive floor-standing speakers in their new violin red/black satin finish.  This model has been redesigned by Sonus Faber so that the end plates on the top and the bottom of the cabinet have been … Read more

KJ West One Boosts Headphone Range With Audeze El-8

At KJ West One, we are known for our extensive range of high-end hi-fi, but it is not just speakers, amplifiers and sources that we specialise in, we also stock audiophile headphones.  Like the rest of our collection, it is not just any headphones that we take on; we ensure that any headphones we stock … Read more

Dcs Vivaldi Comes To KJ West One

It’s always a great day at KJ when we bring a new brand in to our W1 showroom. Today is particularly exciting though as we have set up one of the most impressive and highly regarded ranges in the industry: The dCS Vivaldi complete digital playback system.  The Vivaldi system is dCS’ current reference and … Read more

Devialet Promotion

Only two weeks left to benefit from the promotion for the new Devialet 110 and 170 – for orders placed before the end of September the WiFi streamer will be supplied free of charge. It will cost an extra £1,000 thereafter. Make your move to Devialet now at KJ West One. — at KJ West One