Naim Uniti Atom Now Available For Demonstration In Central London

After a long wait we have now received our first delivery of Naim Audio Uniti Atom all-in-one players. 

This has been one of the most highly anticipated products in recent memory. Its mix of usability, great sound, versatility and price makes it a product that will be in very high demand. 

The Atom is the upgrade to what was previously known as the Uniti Qute 2. 

To say the Uniti range is versatile is a huge understatement. The Uniti Atom features a 40 watt calss A/B amplifier, internet radio, bluetooth, a headphone output, uPnP, Tidal integration, Spotify connect, Airplay, Google Cast, an S/PDIF Digital input, analogue output, multi-room functionality and USB / SD Card slots.

The Uniti Atom features a substantial transformer, ensuring that the power supply always runs smoothly. It has hand-wired analogue and digital circuitry. Every element of the design in Uniti Atom has been considered for its effect on sound quality.  

Uniti Atom features an impressive colour 5” LCD glass display. With the use of a proximity sensor, Atom is able to wake up as you approach the unit. It comes accompanied by a bidirectional intelligent remote control.

On the new Uniti series, Naim have put a lot of effort into improving the wi-fi. It now supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz and features an improved internal buffer and memory. It is able to store 5 minutes of information which vastly decreases the amount of dropouts when streaming.  

The Uniti Atom costs £1750 or £1,850 for the HDMI version. 

If you would like a demonstration in Central London, please get in touch and arrange an appointment.