Bassocontinuo F2 and Accordeon XL4 2.0 Racks on Display

Bassocontinuo is an Italian manufacturer of modular audio racks, built to incredibly high standards for both performance and aesthetics.

Bassoconituo F2 Audio Rack

Many hi-fi stands offer one of the two but Bassocontinuo really bring both with their modern design, very reminiscent of the Italian sportscar look. They use premium materials like carbon fibre and stainless steel to give exceptional quality to the build.

Another great feature of Basso racks is that they are designed to be modular. As CEO Lorenzo Belloli says “Our goal is the full modularity/flexibility into our products. We like to say your rack should follow your audiophile route.” To achieve this they offer a massive selection of sizes and accessories to cater for all types of audio, so your rack can grow with you system.

Bassoconituo Accordeon XL4 2.0 Audio Rack

We now have two of their racks on display here at KJ West One. The Accordeon XL4 2.0 which is part of their ‘Reference line’ and the F2 rack which is the perfect match for McIntosh equipment. Drop by to see these beautiful pieces of audio furniture in the flesh.

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