New Focal Sopra Loudspeakers Arrive At KJ West One, London

Here at KJ, we are always looking to expand range of hi-fi equipment available for demonstration in our store. Getting a new set of speakers in is always exciting. This month we have received the recently released Focal loudspeaker ‘Sopra No.2’. 

Fans of Focal have been anticipating the arrival of Sopra since they were first announced. They have received exceptional reviews throughout the hi-fi press and blogs and there is a real buzz developing around these speakers.

The design of Sopra is unique. Focal have really made a concerted effort to create a speaker that is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to.  They come in a range of colours including black, white, red, orange and walnut veneer. 

Sopra speakers are hand-built by Focal and use an array of new innovations including the best mid-range driver ever created by the company. They push back the limits of sound reproduction in terms of transparency in a very compact enclosure. 

There are two models in the Sopra range. The No.1 is a bookshelf version and the No.2 is a larger floor standing speaker. We also have the No.1’s in store now. 

As with all Focal speakers, the build quality is fantastic. They are hand-built in France, with the cabinets being manufactured in Burgandy and the drivers in tweeters in St. Etienne. 

We have found the Sopras to give an incredibly detailed sound with a full and wide soundstage. These are speakers that will give any others in its price bracket a real run for their money. 

If you would like to hear them for yourself, please get in contact and arrange a demonstration with one of our experts.