Vertere CALON Phono Stage
Vertere CALON Phono Stage
Vertere CALON Phono Stage

Calon Dual-Mono Phono Preamplifier

The CALON dual-mono phono stage represents an exciting and revolutionary new chapter in Vertere’s quest for flawless record reproduction – a wholly new and re-optimised approach to preamplifier design.

2 years and extended to 10 years with registration


Calon is a game-changing addition to your listening system, capable of elevating the performance of your analogue source to previously unimagined levels of detail, clarity, and sonic excellence.

Introducing Calon

Employing our fundamentals-focused approach to audio design, we’ve carefully developed this high-end phono stage to meticulously enhance the performance potential of every single component it proceeds in the signal chain.

Two separate gain stages, pre and post linearisation, afford unparalleled control of signal clarity and detail resolution. A dedicated LF filter moderates wasted energy and headroom from subsonic noise, allowing your analogue source to perform to a whole new level of fine tuned efficiency.  And granular impedance and capacitance control means CALON can work in perfect harmony with virtually any MM or MC cartridge you choose to use. Under its non-magnetic stainless steel chassis, two identical, gold plated, four-layer PCBs provide flawless dual mono performance. All this serves to elicit jaw-dropping new levels of dynamics and musical expression.

Calon is the new beating heart of your analogue source, transforming your system’s ability to deliver untold moments of breathtaking musical magic.