‘Strictly Vinyl’ with Döhmann Audio

Join us on Thursday 25th May as we present the next event in our highly regarded ‘Strictly Vinyl’ series. This time we enlist the help of Döhmann Audio‘s head designer Mark Döhmann .

Mark will join our team to showcase rare and interesting records using one of our high-end systems and the Döhmann Helix Two Mk 3 turntable. As well as playing some unique pressings, Mark will be able to discuss the design and engineering principles behind the Helix Two giving incredible insight into this true audiophile level player.

Mark has been designing and building turntables since 1986 and brings an incredible wealth of analogue knowledge. This is a great chance to meet one of the top turntable designers in the industry today.

The system used on the day will feature Dartzeel amplification and the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX loudspeakers. It promises to be a reference level set up.

To keep the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed, spaces will be limited so don’t delay in registering your place.