Dartzeel NHB 468 Mono Amplifier
Dartzeel NHB 468 Mono Amplifier
Dartzeel NHB 468 Mono Amplifier
Dartzeel NHB 468 Mono Amplifier
Dartzeel NHB 468 Mono Amplifier
Dartzeel NHB 468 Mono Amplifier

NHB-468 Mono Amplifier

The most powerful amplifiers ever developed by darTZeel.


Power, elegance and grace. darTZeel’s NHB-468 monoblock amplifiers represent the pinnacle of the range.

NHB-468 monoblocks are the most powerful amplifiers ever designed and built by darTZeel. They are the culmination of nine years’ research and development.

NHB-468 mono amplifiers retain all the musicality of the original signal. The NHB-468’s immense power supply ensures that they can cover the full dynamic range, providing effortless delivery from a few milliwatts through to a whopping kilowatt of power.

“The darTZeel owners I’ve met seem to be a happy, enthusiastic group, satisfied with their purchases and with the sound produced by whichever darTZeel products they have. Count me among them. The new NHB-468 has made me even happier. This amp does what the NHB-458 does—just better. It’s got power to spare and sounds as if it’s just loafing, even on the most demanding material.” –  Michael Fremer – Stereophile Magazine.

Price quoted is for a single unit. Not a pair.

Nominal Output Power
465 watts RMS (550 watts peak) @ 8 ohms
625 watts RMS (700 watts peak) @ 4 ohms
222 watts RMS (300 watts peak) @ 2 ohms (software limited)

Power Stage Gain
26 dB and 32 dB, user selectable (ref. 8 ohms.)

Analog Input Impedances
1 x BNC Zeel 50 ohms, 1 Hz to 1 MHz
1 x RCA line > 30 kohms, 5Hz to 100kHz
1 x XLR > 30 kohms

Speaker Output Impedance
< 0.28 ohms from 20 Hz to 20 kHz (measured under 8 ohms)

Frequency Response
0.7 Hz – 700 kHz, +0, -3 dB

Rise Time
< 0.8 µs

Slew Rate
> 200 V/µs, peak-peak

DC Output Voltage
± 50 mV

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
< 1 % from 7 Hz to 77 kHz within the output dynamic range

Temporal Distortion
None, at any level and load, as specified above

Signal to noise ratio
> 115 dB (A) @ nominal power

Power consumption
2 watts Standby, 40 watts @ idle, 2000 watts @ maximum output power

Size in mm
277 x 511 x 460 (WxDxH)

Size in inches
11 x 20 x 18 (WxDxH)

Net weight
70 Kg