Hi-Fi Rose Digital Music Streamers Now on Demonstration

Digital music is of course extremely popular at the moment, it offers ease of use that is unmatched, an almost unlimited selection of titles and great quality which is getting better by the day!

Hi-Fi Rose is a Korean manufacturer who are making waves in the digital market with their stylish, simple to use and innovative range of streamers and all-in-one players.

Hifi Rose RS150

We are extremely excited to welcome Hi-Fi Rose to the KJ West One collection. It is a brand that we know will offer our customers a great option to get into streaming or minimise their boxes and have a nice neat all-in-one system with great sound and usability.

The user experience of the Rose streamers is almost unmatched in the industry, their large touchscreen faces really do let you control every aspect at the touch of a button. You can browse and scroll music on TIDAL, Qobuz, NAS etc on screen without the use of a smart device. There are so many adaptable settings to tailor the experience to your own needs too and of course they do also have a very polished easy to use app for IOS/ Android which gives you complete control or everything as well.

We now have the RS150 streamer and the very neat RS201E all-in-one streamer / amplifier on permanent demonstration in our Central London showroom.

Get in touch to arrange a demonstration and discover for yourself why we are very excited about Hi-Fi Rose.

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