Audio Research I50 Integrated AmplifierAudio Research I50 Integrated Amplifier
Audio Research

I/50 Valve Integrated Amplifier

The I/50 integrated amplifier is first of a new line which aim to combine simple functionality, good looks and sublime sound.

3 Years


A beautiful amplifier designed to be a statement piece in your room, the I/50 will fit any interior with its six colour variations, the I/50 features a really impressive matte-looking Cerakote finish.

Versatility is a very important part of the I/50, it can be a one-box solution. The modular design allows for the installation of two audio modules – a Phono Stage, and a Roon Ready DAC (coming in 2022). The high current, 50 watt per channel amplifier is capable of driving a wide variety of speakers. A headphone jack is also included which is a nice extra for headphiles.

The stereo amplifier features two matched pairs of 6550WE vacuum tubes, along with three 6922 tubes.

The amp’s modular design means a phono stage and a DAC can be added, both of which are set to appear in 2022. The phono module will provide 42 dB of gain to accommodate moving magnet and high-output moving coil cartridges, while the DAC will offer connection options and decoding technologies to support multiple formats and resolutions.

The I/50 is the first product from Audio Research to be entirely constructed in their Minnesota factory, including the impressive paintwork which is now done in house.