Job Opportunities At KJ – Sales Consultant & Av Engineer

Full-time Sale Consultant Position

KJ West One the leading high end audio store in the UK has established a new division dedicated to Home Cinema and Custom installation.

We are looking for a highly motivated person to join us as full-time Sales Consultant working in both the 2-channel audio and home cinema with installation.

The successful candidate will need to have high standards, strong personal integrity, and excellent interpersonal skills.
Salary will be a negotiated package of fixed monthly salary and performance based bonus / commission.

Please send a CV to with cover letter describing your personal suitability to the role and please include a photo. 

Desirable Character Traits 

Love of people, self-motivation and initiative are a must. 

A clear practical mind, love of film, and passion for music are expected character traits.

The ability to develop a sales strategy to achieve organisational sales goals and revenues is required. 

Technical sales skills are necessary with proven experience in customer relationship management. Relevant product and industry knowledge is essential. You will need the ability to express your knowledge and enthusiasm positively and have high standards and dedication to audio quality. 

The Work

Predominately you will be based in the shop in New Cavendish Street, greeting customers and taking phone calls. You will be responsible from then on to lead the client through their needs and achieve a sale. This is usually based over a number of meetings. Home cinema and Custom installation sales will require meetings at the client’s home. You’ll be expected to make some evening and early morning visits.

You will be expected to learn quickly how to set up demonstrations and achieve a highly desirable sound, clients will expect you to know intimately every hi-fi product ever made so reading hi-fi magazines & digital press in your spare time is mandatory.

There are often a lot of projects going on at once, so being highly organised is very important. 
The working week will ideally include 3 Saturdays a month.


This role may require visiting sites around London. (And sometimes further afield).We do not run vans. We use Addison Lee for deliveries and expect you to be able to travel on public transport / bicycle / motorbike.

Mileage allowance for use of personal transport – Bicycle / Motorbike / Car 

Skills required

A good foundation in high-end audio / cinema. Our market is niche and we expect to train the successful candidate in the many unique aspects of the work. The role is full time.

The work of designing cinemas and custom audio will be aided.

Promotion Prospects

Our company is growing fast and a capable candidate will find excellent prospects as the company grows. 

Send CV by email to