Job Opportunity – Full-time Av Engineer

KJ West One the leading high end audio store in the UK has established a new division dedicated to Home Cinema and Custom installation.

We are looking for a highly motivated person to join us as full time engineer – primarily data networking and commissioning.

The successful candidate will need to have high standards, strong personal integrity, and excellent interpersonal skills.

Salary will be in-line with industry levels – dependent upon ability and experience

Please send a CV with cover letter describing your personal suitability to the role.

Please include a photo. Send CV by email to

Desirable Character traits 

A clear practical mind, love of film, and passion for music are expected character traits.

Ability to problem solve alone : The role will be very varied, and highly responsible – many times you will be sent to site alone to diagnose and fix faults. Self motivation and initiative are essential.

Bad language and loss of temper will not be tolerated, and immediate dismissal will result.

A very good ability with computers and an inquisitive mind.

The Work

A reliable Data network is the backbone to a modern home. All the entertainment systems and control systems are utterly dependant on this working perfectly.

A large proportion of the work will be getting data networks to work perfectly, router set up, Cat6 terminations, setting up wifi, corresponding set up all the detailed settings in all the equipment to work

Record keeping of settings and keeping backups – whilst working on site

We must have a candidate that we can trust to test all the equipment before leaving a site. 

For example if you are finishing a service on site and discover a problem its 5:30pm on a Friday we expect you to postpone personal commitments and get to the bottom of the problem and fix it if possible.

The work is exciting and varied, but does come with frequent long days and a constant demand for vigilance and care.

Beyond the data set up the system set up is crucial. All the little settings in the TV’s, Sky boxes, Projectors and surround sound amplifiers need to be set correctly according to each circumstance.

Testing the system with a critical eye and ear: we expect you to be able to spot problems fast, a system has to be right, not “good enough”.

There will be work setting up high end stereo systems, as well as high end home cinema.

Programming universal remote controls and lighting systems.

Training will be provided and your feedback and opinions for improvement will appreciated.


This role will requires visiting sites around london. (and sometimes further afield).

We do not run vans. 

We use Addison Lee for deliveries and expect you to be able to travel on public transport / bicycle / motorbike.

Driving license essential.

Mileage allowance for use of personal transport – Bicycle / Motorbike / Car

Skills required:

A good foundation in data networking, and a comprehensive understanding of computers.

We are looking for practical abilities and self disciplined logical problem solving.

Our market is niche and we expect to train the successful candidate in the many unique aspects of the work.

The role is full time, 

Promotion Prospects

Our company is growing fast and a capable candidate will find excellent prospects as the company grows.

Send CV by email to