KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

Over the past 50 years KJ West One has become an authority in the UK hi-fi industry, our illustrious collection has featured the top brands from around the world. This week we have added another in the form of the legendary US-based manufacturer McIntosh

Since 1949, McIntosh Labs have been one of the most iconic hi-fi brands in the world. They have been producing some truly legendary products for over half a century. Their unique and distinct style has in itself become an icon. The blue meters are now synonymous with the brand and are instantly recognisable to all audiophiles. 

Over that time McIntosh have been involved in some of the biggest events in music history. Famously the 1969 Woodstock festival was completely powered by McIntosh amps and in 1974 The Grateful Dead played using a ‘Wall of Sound’ which features 28,800 watts of McIntosh amplification, an event which is still talked about to this day. 

Looking past the brand history and reputation, ultimately there is one reason we take on a brand at KJ and that is the sound. McIntosh are stunning sounding products, which can compete with some of the very best high-end products in the world. They are very easy to listen to and non-fatiguing with fantastic power and control as well an exceptionally wide sound stage. McIntosh products really are a joy to listen to!

The products are made with exceptional build quality. For example the glass front plates are cut with garnet dust to diminish friction and painted with 12 layers to produce a beautiful and sturdy finish. McIntosh products last for decades. People often regard their McIntosh as a product for life. This is why McIntosh have an army of dedicated followers the world over. 

We now have the largest range of Mac products available for demonstration in London. With our first order, we decided to go big! We have in the C2600 Tube Preamplifier, MX122 Processor, MA800 Integrated Amplifier, MHA100 Headphone Amplifier, C1100 2-box Tube Preamplifier, MCD 550 CD Player, MC452 Power Amplifier and the mighty MC1.2kw Mono blocks. 

We are extremely happy that the UK’s most iconic hi-fi shop now stocks probably the world’s most iconic hi-fi brand.