KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Since 1949, McIntosh Labs have been one of the most iconic hi-fi brands in the world. They have been producing some truly legendary products for over half a century. Like the MC275 Valve Power Amplifier which was first produced in 1961 and is still in production today (and still extremely popular!).

McIntosh products have a very unique and distinct style which has in itself become iconic. The blue meters have been synonymous with the brand and are now instantly recognisable. So much so, that when McIntosh worked with BMW for their in-car systems, BMW did not think that their customers would want to display the McIntosh meters on their dashboard, so they offered people the option of hiding the meters, which they thought would be the popular choice. In fact, nearly everyone who ever bought the cars chose to display the meters proudly.

McIntosh is a name synonymous with some of the biggest events in music history. In 1969, Woodstock festival was powered by McIntosh amps and in 1974 The Grateful Dead played using a ‘Wall of Sound’ which features 28,800 watts of McIntosh amplification, which is still talked about to this day.

McIntosh have been instrumental in developing many technologies in the hi-fi world. Their MR78 FM Tuner from the early 70’s changed the way people thought about FM tuners, after the release of the MR78, everyone else making tuners had to up their game. To this day, it is still regarded by many as one of the greatest tuner of all time. 

Another unique feature of McIntosh amplifiers is their ‘Output Autoformer’ which is a special transformer that is designed and manufactured in-house by McIntosh. It allows any speaker type to be used with a McIntosh amplifier and have all of the power that the amp is designed to deliver.

The products are made with exceptional build quality. For example the glass front plates are cut with garnet dust to diminish friction and painted with 12 layers to produce a beautiful and sturdy finish.  McIntosh products last for decades. People often regard their McIntosh as a product for life.

Don’t just judge McIntosh amplifiers on their legendary reputation or their classic looks, they are stunning sounding products as well which can compete with some of the very best high-end products in the world.  They are very easy to listen to and non-fatiguing with fantastic power and control as well an exceptionally wide sound stage. McIntosh products really are a joy to listen to! Ultimately, we chose McIntosh for KJ West One because of their sound quality. The history of the brand is just a bonus.