KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

Devialet have again lived up to their reputation as audio innovators by announcing two new and exciting products in the same week. 

Both their Phantom and Expert ranges will see new flagship models added with the release of the Gold Phantom wireless system and the 1000 Pro expert amplifier. 

Gold Phantom is the result of the obsessional quest for excellence by Devialet’s engineers and designers. It packs new patented inventions pushing the Phantom performance to the extreme.

There are several impressive improvements on the Gold Phantom, firstly the power has been increased to 4,500w, making it 8 times more powerful than the standard Phantom. 

Gold Phantom also uses a new titanium tweeter which is capable to delivering a cleaner and more exhilarating sound. Gold is able to produce low frequencies down to 14hz for greater impact and crystal-clear high frequencies up to 27 kHz.

Also added is the new patented ADH processor, which was developed in Devialet’s expert range of audiophile amplifiers. 

Having received an advanced listening of this product we can confirm, that it is hugely impressive. The most noticeable improvement for us was in the high frequencies, the music seemed a lot more effortless than on previous Phantoms.

You can pre-order a Gold Phantom now, we expect to receive our first batch in late July. The price will be £2,190. 

Also announced this week is the new flagship Devialet amplifier, Le 1000 Pro.

The major innovations of the Original d'Atelier exclusive edition enabled Devialet engineers to push a step further the frontiers of extreme audiophile performance. This limited edition now paves the way to the new Expert Pro line, with Expert 1000 Pro as the most powerful incarnation.

With 5 new patents, a power output of 1000 Watts and unprecedented performance, an audiophile icon is born. The measured amplification performance of the 1000 Pro is now best-in-class at all power levels.

The 1000 Pro features a host of upgrades from the 800 including a new version of the ADH Intelligence® system, the most advanced yet, with an improved ADH loop regulation algorithm and a 4x improvement of the signal control precision.

The amplifiers have been improved with a new Class A amplifier reducing harmonic distortion rate and power consumption and an advanced Class D amplifier inducing a power transmission improved by 25%.

Other innovations include a new power supply to handle transient loads twice as fast, a new thermal management which can dissipate heat twice as fast and a new architecture allowing integration of future hardware and software evolutions.

There is an upgrade scheme available for anyone looking to upgrade from their Le 800 to the Le 1000 Pro.

We can now take pre-orders for the 1000 Pro which is expected mid-July at a price of £22,900. 

If you would like further information on either product please feel free to get in touch by email at info@kjwestone.co.uk