Linn Lounge At KJ West One – Prince – Thurs 5th March

On March 8th we will once again be joined by our friends at Linn we host another of their extremely popular Linn Lounge events. This time we will be looking at the career and music of Pop/Funk legend Prince.

We invite you to join us an experience one of pop music’s greatest innovators in the high quality, on a Linn system in Studio Master.

Hear the controversy behind his hyper-sexual take on pop and R&B and party like it’s 1999 to his best-loved songs.

Linn Lounge talks you through the career of the artist playing high quality versions of their songs along the way. It is a fascinating and fun evening, we highly recommend attending.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to email Lewis at

To register your place for free, please follow the link below.

Register here.