Harbeth 40th Anniversary Compact 7-es3 Uk Launch – 24th Oct

Harbeth’s latest range of 40th Anniversary edition loudspeakers have been incredibly well received and extremely popular. On Thursday 25th October, lead designer Alan Shaw will be coming to KJ West One to unveil their final speaker in the range, the special edition Compact 7ES-3.

The legendary multi-award winning medium-sized Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3 takes the ultra-clean Harbeth cone technology to another performance level, combining natural sound with a flair for reproducing any and every type of music. Now the C7 will be taken to the next level when it receives the 40th Anniversary upgrades.

Internally the speakers have been improved with a number of upgrades designed to take the clarity and realism of Harbeth speakers that extra bit further. The speakers will now feature WBT-nextgen binding posts, new Harbeth branded British-made audio grade poly capacitors and the 40th anniversary ultra-pure OFC internal cable.

They will also feature a unique Tamo Ash cabinet specially made for this speaker, as well as the limited edition decals.

Alan is one of the most interesting men in hi-fi. Our guests will be taken on a journey with Alan as he explains how the 40th Anniversary range came to be so good, playing his favourite test recordings and tracks along the way.

Harbeth have a particularly strong following. Our events with them often sell out so don’t delay in registering.

We will be running 2 sessions on the night to avoid over-crowding in the demo room. One starting at 6pm and another at 8pm.

For any further information on the event please contact Lewis at lewis@kjwestone.co.uk.