Zanden Model 9600 Mk 2
Zanden Model 9600 Mk 2

Model 9600 Mk2 Mono Amplifier (Pair)

The crown in the Zanden range is the Model 9600Mk2. Their flagship power amplifier.

2 Years




The Model 9600MK2 valve mono power amplifier is a true masterpiece of audio electronic design by any standard! It is a fully balanced (differential) push-pull design using a pair of very best (KR) 845 output valves per monoblock and delivering up to 60W of pure class A power, before continuing in class AB up to the maximum power output of 100 Watts. And, thanks to the latest generation of Zanden’s “Finemet” output and mains transformers, sounding in real life as if considerably more powerful with ample headroom and able to drive many demanding loudspeaker with no strain or stress. All power supply circuits are valve based as well. Balanced (XLR) inputs are standard. Speakers of 2, 4 and 8 Ohms nominal impedance can be connected with separate terminal positions.

Because the 9600 MK2 employs the KR845 vacuum tubes, it succeeds in securing both high power and tonal quality that has been difficult to achieve with vacuum tube amplifiers. As befitting a flagship product, its casing is designed in an ingenious but highly attractive mixture of aluminium plate and highly polished stainless steel to impart a solid, distinctive presence.

The Model 9600Mk2 uses a fixed-bias, completely full-balanced push-pull circuit and also incorporates a fully tube rectified power supply circuit.  You’ll find this product to be uncompromising in all respects of circuitry, design and assembly.

Price is for a pair of mono amplifiers.

Power output
60W (class A) / 100W (class AB)


Input impedance

Output impedance
2Ω / 4Ω / 8Ω

Analogue inputs

Frequency response
6Hz – 50KHz (-3dB)

Tube complement
KR845 x2
5687WB x3
5AR4 x1
5R4WGB x2

W: 320mm / H: 440mm / D: 450mm