Zanden Model 8120 Power Amplifier
Zanden Model 8120 Power Amplifier

Model 8120F Stereo Amplifier

The 8120F is a stunning valve power amplifier which is a key part of the Zanden ‘Modern’ range.

2 Years




The Model8120F valve stereo power amplifier is an acclaimed powerhouse of the kind. A class AB push-pull design it develops 100W of power per channel into a 4 or 8 Ohm load from a matched pair of KT120 output valves with a minimal amount of negative feedback. Zanden’s very latest. proprietary “Finemet” transformer cores have been used for both mains and output transformers with superb sonic results. Both single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs are standard, as well as separate speaker terminals for 4 and 8 Ohm impedance loudspeakers.

“Few amplifiers in my experience are as adept as the Zanden 8120 when it comes to performing the sonic disappearing act that makes long term listening so rewarding. How does this Zanden amp sound? Not the way you expect it to. It’s clean, modern lines bely its natural, warm, fluid, expressive character: its push-pull output stage isn’t reflected in a rigid, overly tight grip on musical proceedings, a lack of air, or any stripping of harmonics: its single pairs of output devices certainly contribute to its rhythmic and dynamic coherence, but its 100 watt rated output isn’t the impediment to dynamic range or musical authority you might expect. In fact, it’s the temporal, spatial, and dynamic coherence, the sense of natural tonality, natural perspective and stable presentation that help make the music made by the Zanden so special. SET aficionados will glory in its rich tonal palette and relaxed sense of musical flow, push-pull devotees will love its control and transparency, focus and organization – while solid-state advocates will be disconcerted and besotted in equal measure. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this is definitely one beautiful looking and sounding amplifier. But there’s none of the louche, in your face brashness of a Scarlet Johansson here: nor the painfully thin, overly earnest awkwardness of an Anne Hathaway: and you can forget about the hard, brassy exterior of Angelina or the calculating, emotional constipation of Nicole. This is a beauty that embodies hidden depths, a quality that’s a cut above the norm. If this amp were a movie star, it would be Ingrid Bergman: subtle, under-stated, elegant, and classy – definitely a keeper.” – Roy Gregory – Hi-fi Plus – 21st August 2015

Power output
Nominal power output: 90 watts/channel
Maximum power output: 100 watts/channel

Input impedance
100kΩ (RCA-standard)
7kΩ (XLR-optional)

Output impedance
4Ω / 8Ω

Analogue input
RCA and XLR (optional)

Frequency response
7Hz-60kHz (-1db)

Tube complement
KT-120 x4
12AU7 x4

Trigger input/output
3.5mm stereo mini-phone jacks

Power consumption

W: 426mm / H: 316mm / D: 379mm