Model 3000 Mk 2Model 3000 Mk 2

Model 3000 Mk2 Preamplifier

The Model 3000 mk2 – a most simple and innovative preamplifier – uses just a single vacuum tube as its amplifying element.

2 Years




In addition to a battery incorporated into its circuit, the Model 3000 employs a uniquely designed fixed-bias vacuum tube amplifying circuit unseen elsewhere. It also uses output transformers, which allows the ground loop to be isolated from the power amplifier and ensures powerful drive for the power amplifier. In today’s digital audio age – where noise suppression is vital – you will find this preamplifier an effective answer to ensuring minimum sound quality degradation.

Amorphous cobalt transformers are employed at both the inputs and outputs. The amplification stage is constructed using Zanden’s unique no negative feedback circuit. Absolute phase can be inverted, and a full function remote control is included.

Frequency response

Input impedance
XLR: 7kΩ
RCA: 100kΩ

Output impedance

Analogue inputs
RCA x3
XLR x1

Analogue outputs
RCA x2
XLR x2

Tube compliment
5687WB x1
6CA4 x1

Power consumption

(main) W: 398mm / H: 103mm / D: 254mm
(power) W: 155mm / H: 163mm / D: 336mm

(main) 9.0kg
(power) 5.5kg