KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Devialet describe Phantom as an ‘Implosive Sound Centre’. It is a 100% wireless product which receives music via wi-fi from your everyday devices (tablet, phone, computer etc) it then processes the signal and emits the sound via its impressive built-in speaker.

Phantom can be used on its own, as well as being linked to another Phantom to play in a stereo configuration. That is not it though, Phantom is also a multi-room solution. This means you are able to use up to 24 Phantoms in your home, all connected to the same network and controlled on one app (Devialet Spark). Phantoms are able to be designated to the rooms they are placed in. So from the living room you are able to control what is being played in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or wherever a Phantom is located.

The sound centre can play music in so many ways, from streaming via services like Deezer, Spotify and Tidal, to playing music stored on your devices to internet radio and even from traditional sources via the Toslink input.

The sound quality that Phantom gives is incredible and must be heard. It is almost unbelievable that Devialet have been able to produce such a powerful, clear and room-filling sound with no distortion from such a small device.

The spherical conception of Phantom is the perfect acoustic architecture to ensure an omnidirectional emission and a uniform sound, no matter the angle you are listening from.

Phantom is constantly improving, It evolves and perfects itself with free updates, for better performance and new functionalities: Home Cinema 5.1, WebRadio, integration of new online music services and several other new features are to come.

Silver the more powerful version of Phantom. Its power is quite unbelivable for its size, with 3000 watts of amplication power.

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