Devialet Care for Phantom 1

Devialet Care – Phantom 1

5-year warranty and insurance for Phantom I




With Devialet Care, your Phantom I investment is protected with 5 years of warranty and can be repaired once at a preferential price in case of accidental damage (see Devialet Care replacement prices below).

Subscription price to Devialet Care

5 years

Price of the additional service fee for product replacement


Do I have to purchase Devialet Care at the same time at Phantom?
You’ve got 30 days to buy Devialet Care from the moment you purchase Phantom. Make sure you get covered before it’s too late…!

How do I activate Devialet Care?
To activate Devialet Care, head on over to your user account. In just a few clicks, you’re all covered.

Why sign up for Devialet Care?
Our 5-year insurance policy makes sure you’re covered. Instantly. For one instance of accidental damage or breakage. Gold standard, guaranteed.

Is Devialet Care available everywhere in the world?
Please refer to the country list in the below left corner of the website. All countries listed there, except China, are eligible for Devialet Care.