KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965
KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Devialet have taken the audio world by storm with their beautifully designed and sonically brilliant 'all-in-one' stereo systems.

Devialet systems include streaming facilities, a phono stage, DAC and integrated amplifier with a number of digital and analogue inputs.

All their systems are designed in Paris, France and the company is pushing innovation with a large number of their trademarked technologies. 

'SAM' stands for 'Speaker Active Matching' technology. 'SAM' processes in real-time the musical signal, ensuring that the sound pressure reproduced by the speaker matches exactly the one recorded by the microphone. SAM doesn't require any hardware modification, neither on your Devialet nor on your speakers. Simply activate SAM on the online configurator, your Devialet will automatically recognize your speaker's profile and will be ready to send the perfect matched signal in a few seconds.

Devialets use a hybrid amplification system called 'ADH' which associates an analogue amplifier that provides excellent musicality with several enslaved digital amplifiers, renowned for their power and compact size. Within the ADH® core, the two amplifiers operate in parallel: the analogue amplifier sets the output voltage while the digital amplifiers provide most of the current. This is an industry first.

'AIR' (Asynchronous Intelligente Route) is an advanced audio streaming technology. Entirely designed for HD audio, it allows the user to enjoy any computer-based content (up to 24bist/192kHz) without compromise. 

No matter what format, audio player or online streaming service you are using, don’t change anything. Compatible with any Mac OS and Windows computer or iOS and Android device, AIR can play all the content you want directly on your Devialet. All you have to do is select your Devialet as your audio output device and simply play your music.

A Devialet is built to last. The EVO platform is the only audio platform fully driven by an internal software allowing your Devialet to evolve and get better through significant software upgrades. At least twice a year, Devialet offers you the opportunity to make your Devialet even better. 

Performance, functionalities, the Devialet software upgrades transcends your device in a few seconds.

Devialets are not just known for their sound quality but also their excpetional aesthetic. Its simple and sophisticated design magnifies the technological prowess and prepares users for the emotion of the music to follow. 

KJ West One is a premium dealer in Central London. We offer you the chance to judge for yourselves, book yourself in come and try your music on a Devialet.