Sumiko Olympia Cartridge

Olympia Moving Magnet Cartridge

The Oyster Series’ premium Moving Magnet cartridge range features four models with a matching aesthetic, all named after a different type of Oyster.

1 Year




The Olympia is the “second step” in the range and features a finely polished elliptical stylus for a level of acoustic refinement that defies belief. In combination with the range’s integrated body and generator system that significantly reduces internal resonances, the Olympia delivers greater dynamic punch from a broad frequency response. The improved stylus also sits on a bespoke cantilever, mounted to a smaller magnet for more refined movements resulting in greater channel separation and a slightly lower but still powerful 4mV output.

The Olympia utilises the same cartridge body as the Rainier and Moonstone, allowing for easy stylus upgrades to the superior Moonstone.

Key Features:

  • Moving Magnet cartridge with 0.3 x 0.7 micron Elliptical stylus
  • Dynamic performance with greater refinement
  • Low-resonance body and generator system
  • Pure copper internal wiring
  • Overhead mounting design
  • High output for easy matching to a phono stage
  • Easy to set-up and install
  • RS Olympia and Moonstone replacement stylus available

Frequency Response:
12Hz – 30kHz

Output Voltage:
4mV @ 1kHz

Load Impedance:

Channel Seperation:
30dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance:
1.5dB @ 1kHz

Stylus Type:
Micron elliptical

12×10-6 cm/dyn

Tracking Force Range:
1.8 – 2.2g

Recommended Force:

Cartridge Weight: