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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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The Yvette is the latest Wilson speaker, which has replaced the Sophia speakers in their range. Yvette has been created with the trickle down advancements from the larger Wilson models including the Sasha 2, the Alexia and the incredible Alexx.

All of which have informed the Yvette project, in some cases, with identical components including the acclaimed Convergent Synergy Tweeter, which is also found in the Sasha Series 2 and the Alexx. The MK III features Wilson’s latest thinking on rear-wave diffraction and ultra-low resonance rear chambers. 

This is the most technologically advanced and certainly best sounding single-cabinet Wilson speaker ever created. They have managed to recreate a lot of what makes the Wilson flagship sound so great in a much more compact speaker.

The enclosure is built primarily from two Wilson-developed composites: the third generation of X-Material, an extremely well-damped and inert composite, and S-Material, which was developed for exquisite midrange performance. As you can tell from the name, Wilson keep the details of these materials very secret, but the results are undeniable when you hear them. 

Beyond using the best enclosure materials, the Yvette’s architecture is driven by two factors: time-domain performance, and extremely low-resonance and vibration contribution.

The overall look of the Yvette brings to mind the Sasha 2 and the Sabrina. It is a very attractive speaker with a simple, sculpted look with clean lines. This would look at home in almost all interiors.


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