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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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Sasha 2

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The key to the performance of the Wilson Audio Sasha W/P Series-2 is its time-aligned design that ensures optimal harmonics, dynamic alacrity, and musicality.

The previous Sasha featured an inverted titanium dome tweeter. The Series-2 Sasha uses the Wilson Audio Convergent Synergy Tweeter (CST) - which trickles down from ultra-high-end Alexandria XLF. 

The CST is a silk dome design that better meets all of Wilson Audio’s musical design goals, while being a perfect match to Wilson’s midrange driver, used in the Sasha Series-2. 

The Series 2 Sasha uses an updated woofer enclosure with a 30% reduction in the already low cabinet resonances. 

The tweeter portion of the Sasha Series-2 Wilson's Audio baffle is made from the latest generation of X-Material, like in the Alexia. The midrange portion of the baffle continues to be S-material. S-material was developed specifically for use in midrange baffles, and is a wonder of midrange beauty and low-resonance. In combination with X-material, S-material reduces measurable and audible noise and colouration in the midrange.

Rigidity and resonance control are further enhanced via a bracing strategy and the redistribution of the two composites. Wilson's Audio Series-2 also employs separate tweeter and midrange grills, each geometrically designed to lessen frame-induced diffraction. The original Wilson Audio Sasha facilitated group delay via four different spike lengths.

The Series-2 features an Alexia type alignment block with more than twenty settings. This refinement radically increases the accurate alignment of the Sasha drivers in the time domain. Adjustable driver propagation, the precision of which is completely unique to Wilson Audio loudspeakers, results in greater transient accuracy, tonal beauty, spatial retrieval, and musicality.The exact location of the upper module is based on the specific geometry of each room and the location and seated height of the listener.

The position of the upper module is precisely specified in the provided owner’s manual. All crossover component values have been fine-tuned and optimised for the latest design and to account for the addition of the CS tweeter.  

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