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KJ West One - Connoisseurs of Sound - Est. 1965

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MA9000 Integrated Amplifier


The MA9000 sits atop the McIntosh integrated amplifier range. It is a stunning and versatile amplifier which is incredibly musical and powerful (with 300 w per channel). 

A jack of all trades, the MA9000 features a 32 bit DAC, MM / MC phono stage and a 'high-drive headphone amplifier.

One of the most unique features of this amplifier is the discrete, analogue eight band tone control. Further more this is assignable by input allowing for precise, manual adjustment meaning that you can tune your CD player, streamer, turntable or anything else you want to play to the exact sound that you crave. 

The internal 32bit / 192 Khz DAC means that the MA8000 is at the height of digital audio technology and will be for some time. 

The MM/MC phono stage inside the MA9000 is of incredible quality which allows you to hook up your record player and get the best out of your precious vinyl without the need for an external phono stage (and extra box in your system). 

The power of the MA9000 is excellent and will power pretty much any speaker on the market with ease. This power allows a fantastic level of grip, meaning the control of the music is exceptional. McIntosh manage to deliver real punch in their sound, but at the same time keep it incredibly musical. 

The MA9000 includes the world famous McIntosh Autoformer which guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 300 watts regardless of their impedance, while Power Guard will prevent clipping that could damage your speakers. Likewise, the high drive headphone amplifier has increased gain and output power to ensure it can drive any headphones. 

As with all McIntosh equipment, the MA9000 is made to their unbelievable high build quality. This is a product that will last for a long, long time. 

We have the McIntosh MA9000 available for demonstration in our Central London hi-fi showroom. Please get in touch to arrange an appointment.


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