Vinnie Rossie L2i SE Integrated Amplifier
Vinnie Rossie L2i SE Integrated Amplifier
Vinnie Rossie L2i SE Integrated Amplifier

Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE Integrated Amplifier

This is a pre-owned item in excellent condition. It comes with the original packaging and accessories including the remote. It does not have the cages which can go around the valves. It does not have the addition phono or DAC board fitted.

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The L2i-SE is Vinnie Rossi’s response to “what if?” What if they could combine our L2 Signature Preamplifier and L2 Signature Monoblocks into one chassis but with absolutely minimal concessions to design and performance? Could they still offer all the flexibility, build quality and stunning appearance to truly stand in a class of its own? The L2i-SE is Vinnie Rossi’s realization of that dream.

Unlike the L2 Integrated Amplifier (L2i), which runs a simpler 6SN7 linestage, the L2i-SE inherits from the L2 Signature Preamplifier the direct-heated big power triodes. Only one pair of the finest sounding 4-pin, directly heated triodes (DHT) are run in a dual-mono, class-A, grounded-grid topology with zero feedback. They feed a true dual-mono, high-bandwidth class-AB MOSFET output stage making the L2i-SE a DHT hybrid integrated amplifier and likely the only one of its kind in the world!

There are absolutely no compromises on speed and tonality, nor any distracting effects of driver tubes, coupling caps or output transformers. Music is reproduced with intense spaciousness, harmonic sophistication, liquidity and detail well beyond small triodes and pure transistors alike.

You get the same flexibility as the L2 Signature Preamplifier (flick-of-a-switch tube rolling, tube bypass mode, L2 Dac and Phonostage options) and the full-function L2 remote handset. Merging all of this with superlative build quality, and reliability  make the L2i-SE a striking single-chassis proposition that sits just one step below our flagship separates!

Output Power:
(Tested with 120Vac input)

100W RMS per channel into 8-ohms (170W RMS per channel into 4-ohms)

Output Impedance:

Approx. 0.1 ohm

Input Impedance:

Approx. 10k ohm (RCA and XLR inputs)

Frequency Response:

0.5Hz – 150kHz (+/- 1dB)

Voltage Gain:

32dB (with stock EH300B tubes)
24dB (DHT Bypass Mode Enabled)

THD+N (with stock EH300B tubes):

Less than 0.5%

THD+N (DHT Bypass Mode Enabled):

Less than 0.01%

AC Input:

Factory configured for 110-120Vac, or 220-240Vac (50/60Hz)


Fused inputs for linestage and power output stage sections
MOV (AC input surge protection)
Output short circuit protection

Dimensions (with tube covers
and isolation base installed):

Approx. 438m x 368mm x 226mm


Approx. 23kg

Shipping Weight:

Approx. 27kg

Volume Control:

Balance control:

64 steps (approx. 1dB per step) from -∞ to +8dB

24 steps from L to R (approx. 1db per step)