Vertere MG-1 Clear
Vertere MG-1 White
Vertere MG-1 Clear
Vertere MG-1 Champagne
Vertere MG-1 Black
Vertere MG-1 Black

MG-1 Magic Groove Record Player

Taking vinyl replay beyond what’s possible in this turntable class, Vertere’s MG-1 Magic Groove turntable includes critical design elements of the SG-1 Player.

2 Years


A superlative design, Record Player MG-1 Magic Groove offers fabulous performance that’s bettered only by Vertere’s RG-1 Reference Groove and SG-1 Standard Groove. As with all Vertere turntables, every individual part is custom built, and has been created using the optimum materials and highest precision standards.

The MG-1 main bearing is directly derived from the SG‐1 utilising exactly the same bearing spindle and ball with a phosphor bronze bearing housing machined using similar precision engineering techniques to our high standards. The materials used and manufacturing to extreme engineering tolerances make the MG-1 main bearing silent, smooth running and second only to the SG-1.

MG‐1 main bearing is lubricated with Vertere proprietary formulated L‐1G record player main bearing oil for ultimate longevity.

Directly derived from the RG-1 and SG-1 motor assembly design, the MG-1 utilises a single precision bearing fitted to its dedicated aluminium alloy motor platform and motor bearing support.

This unique design keeps the motor continuously synchronous to provide a drive with constant belt tension. Simply put, it drives the platter at constant speed without variation.

MG‐1 platter is a one piece aluminium alloy design based on the SG‐1 platter. Only utilising the same precision machining techniques to Vertere’s extremely high tolerances ensures the smoothest running of the platter and the required inertia that keeps speed constant.

Includes: tempo Motor Drive | tempo Motor Link Cable | Super Groove Tonearm | Redline Tonearm Cable & Technomat – Please note cartridge not included

Belt drive

24 Pole Synchronous
Spindle Support Acetal Ball Bearing

Motor Mount
Acetal Mount & Bearing – Two Articulated
Ball Race Bearings with 3-point Adjustable

Super Precision Aluminium Alloy

Drive Belt
Precision Ground Polymer

Platter MG-1
Single Piece Super Precision Aluminium Alloy
3mm Bonded Acrylic Record Interface

Bearing Spindle MG-1
Precision Hardened Stainless Steel
Roundness / Concentricity and Finish < 2 Micron

Bearing Housing MG-1

High Copper Content Phosphor Bronze
Clearance < 6.0 Microns

Plinth Structure
20mm Clear Cast Acrylic with optional finishes
Special Metallic Black or Metallic Pearlescent White and Metallic Champagne
With switchable internal illumination

Isolation System
2 Stage Compliant and 1 Stage Rigid
9 De-coupler Sets and Aluminium Alloy/SS Feet & Felt

Motor Drive P/S
Precision Crystal Referenced
33.3 and 45 rpm (<0.4%)

Wow and Flutter


Dimensions (W x D x H)
468 x 384 x 140-155mm

14 Kg