Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge
Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge
Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge
Vertere Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge

Dark Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge

Dark Sabre is a significant step up from the Sabre moving magnet cartridge.

2 years and extended to 3 years with registration




Introducing a revolutionary new level of musical clarity and definition. Dark Sabre builds on the success of its sister cartridge with an all-new fixing formation, single piece chassis and steeper profile for vastly optimised weight distribution and surface traction. Along with its micro-elliptical nude diamond stylus and telescopic cantilever, Dark Sabre sits among the most cutting-edge moving magnet cartridges available today.

Transformational design, stunning reproduction

Dark Sabre builds on the successes of its much-loved sister cartridge, Sabre, whilst simultaneously introducing a revolutionary new level of musical clarity and definition never before experienced in a moving magnet design.

Both Sabre and Dark Sabre share the same generator, but a new fixing technique and cartridge profile in Dark Sabre has allowed for a profound performance improvement on its older sibling. A quad point screw formation on a newly designed, single-piece aluminium chassis allows Dark Sabre to distribute its weight much more evenly and effectively. To complement this new design, Dark Sabre employs a steeper cartridge profile, resulting in a much more consistent contact with the vinyl surface.

The design improvements don’t stop there. With Dark Sabre, we’ve further elevated the product specifications by employing the same nude diamond micro-elliptical stylus and telescopic cantilever found in XtraX. It all adds up to make Dark Sabre one of the most forward-thinking and cutting edge moving magnet cartridges ever built. The effect on your music is remarkable – producing a depth of musical clarity and accuracy the likes of which we’ve never heard from a MM cartridge.


  • Aluminium alloy body CNC precision machined from solid then hard anodised black.
  • The low-mass generator utilises an Alnico magnet with a low-mass cross coil made of pure virgin copper wires.
  • The low-mass generator is mounted into the high-mass body using a Quad-Point Contact with Four Stainless’ Spike’ Screws for optimum support and control of unwanted mechanical vibrations.
  • The body is mass-tuned to the generator for optimum support of unwanted energy transfer.
  • The telescopic aluminium tube cantilever utilising two different aluminium materials – maximises stiffness without a massive high Q peak.
  • Nude Micro Elliptical single crystal diamond stylus tip for maximum tracking ability without compromising the high-frequency response or increasing surface noise.
  • Square shank diamond assembly maximises alignment precision, consistency, and rigidity.
  • Alignment ridge on the front top that assists mounting Sabre to any Vertere tonearm.
  • Three specifically designed contact points CNC machined into the top of the body that provide the exact mechanical coupling required.
  • Wideband frequency response of below 14Hz to above 28kHz
  • Output of 4.3mV will provide a lifelike dynamic range with depth and precision.

Generator Type
Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge

Output Level
4.3mV (@1kHz, 5cm/sec.)

Recommended Input Load
Max. 470pF

Recommended Tracking Weight

2.0g (1.9g – 2.1g)

Frequency Response
14Hz – 28kHz

Channel Separation

Coil Resistance
1Ω , @ 1kHz

Dynamic Compliance
10 x 10-6 cm/dyne
(@ 100Hz)

Magnet Type

Mounting To Stylus
~ 9mm

Headshell To Stylus

Nude | Micro Eliptical Diamond
(7.5 × 15.5 um)

Aluminium – Telescopic

Headshell Mounting
Special Vertere Tri-point
M2.5 Threaded Fixing Holes

Generator Fixing
Special Quad-Point Contact
Four Stainless ‘Spike’ Screws