Naim NPX TT Power Supply
Naim NPX TT Power Supply
Naim Audio

NPX TT Power Supply

Dedicated power supply for NVC TT

5 Years

£2,699In-store purchase only.



NPX TT is the dedicated power supply for the NVC TT preamplifier, providing it with even cleaner power. It connects to a number of separate elements, including existing Naim products such as NAC-N 272, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Naim know-how
Under the leadership of Naim’s Technical Director, their engineers have developed specific electronic circuits to give the New Classic products superior performance. The best audiophile components have been chosen and highly precise measurements to achieve an uncompromising result. Paired with the NVC TT, NPX TT provides even cleaner power to enhance the sound.

A timeless design
Naim products are designed to be both contemporary and timeless. Their creations forgo any unnecessary adornments that would detract from the performance and sound quality delivered. The design of the NPX TT is razor sharp, combining a sleek design, premium materials and adjustable logo brightness.

The story of Naim and aluminium
Naim founder, Julian Vereker, immediately understood the many benefits of aluminium as a material for wrapping Naim electronic components. He knew that delicate audio components are very sensitive to the effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures, unwanted vibrations, etc.

Product Type
Power Supply (for NVC TT)

Naim logo
White illuminated

Logo brightness: High, medium, low

Audio Outputs
Power Outputs
Type 1, Type 2

12.35lb (5.6kg)

Dimensions (HxWxD)
23/4×83/8×13″ (7×21.4x33cm)

Mains Supply
110 to 120V, 220 to 240Vac

Power Consumption

Streaming and Ripping
Micro USB socket (for updates)