The Bespoke Audio Company PreamplifierThe Bespoke Audio Company Preamplifier
The Bespoke Audio Company


The engineers behind The Bespoke Audio Company have been designing and building award-winning pre-amplifiers for many years now, so inevitably, their début product is their signature linestage.



Choose one of their suggested configurations or let The Bespoke Audio Company work with you to create something which satisfies your every desire. The decision is yours.

Rest assured we tested it with some pretty high-end kit and thie preamplifier certainly fits in amongst our very best!

Not only do they take considerable care and attention to build each piece to exact specification the customer requires and deliver a true ‘bespoke’ product, it is one of the most natural and impartial sounding pre-amps we have ever heard!

Every aspect of your pre-amplifier can be customised, from the number and type of connections, to the size and style of the engraving.

The Bespoke Audio Company Preamplifier comes with six inputs and two outputs (you may specify any combination of XLR and RCA connections, in any order), 46 discrete steps over a 67.5dB range in 1.5dB increments, WBT-0210 Cu Topline Nextgen RCA sockets as standard, Neutrik NC3F/MD-LX-M3 XLR sockets as standard, Jupiter Condenser Co. cotton insulated 4N copper internal wiring as standard, remote level control as standard.

The standard case options include clear (natural), black and champagne anodised, and detailing can be Gold, Chrome or Black Nickel plated. You choose the engraving on the source selector to suit your system (e.g. ONE, TWO, THREE… or CD, PHONO, TAPE…), each surround is engraved to order. Lid options available are anodised aluminium to match the case, clear perspex or a range of burr veneers.

Aside from these standard options, The Bespoke Audio Company’s approach means complete flexibility in every aspect, the choice of case material, the transformer winding wire, the internal hook up wire, the range and increments of the transformer taps, RCA connectors from WBT, CMC, Cardas, Eichmann and more, XLR connectors from Neutrik, Furutech, Switchcraft, Cardas and more.

There’s an additional blanking plate in the rear panel to accommodate any custom request, HT Bypass, Tape output/ loop, or anything else you would like.

Tailored to perfectly suit its purpose: to seamlessly integrate your system and enhance your listening experience.

Stereo Inputs

Stereo Outputs

Auxiliary Input/Output

46 discrete steps over a 67.5dB

range in 1.5dB increments

Remote control of level

Height – 110mm (4 1/2”)
Width – 305mm (12”)
Depth – 345mm (13 1/2”)

14kg (31lbs