X-quisite CA

CA Moving Coil Cartridge

The X-Quisite ST is comprised of a copper coil and aluminium body. The cartridge uses X-Quisite’s ground-breaking technology to get unprecedented results.

3 Years




All X-quisite cartridges take advantage of the patented monobloc-ceramic transducer technology, which ensures supreme detail resolution and at the same time extremely natural sound. he CA (Copper/Aluminium) model features a pure copper coil which has been carefully matched with an advanced aluminium-wood sandwich-body to achieve most involving sound characteristics. Each X-quisite cartridge is handmade piece by piece and calibrated by Micha Huber personally.

The body is milled out of a massive block and its material is sonically carefully matched to the characteristic of the different models. Between tonearm and cartridge, a carefully matched wooden inlay balances the resonance-properties of the contact area.

The ironless coil-design of the X-quisite transducer requires a strong magnet circuit in order to achieve reasonable output voltage. It took X-Quisite many prototype setups and listening sessions before they found the perfect solution to be a Neodym-Armco combination with special measures to reduce eddy current loss to an absolute minimum. The generator is entirely built into an aluminium-holder, ensuring the mechanical energy-flow between tonearm and transducer to be as direct as possible.

By combining various modern production methods, they found a way in producing smallest ceramic parts precisely and exactly according their preferences. By designing the cantilever itself partly hollow and with octagonal cross section, they achieve extreme high rigidity for the entire cantilever/coil-body unit.

The micro-ridge diamond is exactly fitted into a cross hole of the cantilever and fixed with tiny quantities of a technical adhesive. Overall, the moving mass at the tracking point is with 0,8mg very low for an MC design.

The coil material – copper, silver or gold with high purity grade – defines the tonal characteristic of the different X-quisite models. The winding technology is specifically adapted to the ceramic coil-body.

The X-quisite cartridge comes carefully packed in a wooden box, made of a walnut tree, grown in their closest neighbourhood in the Tösstal.

“…it does mark a breakthrough in the design of moving coil cartridges.” – May 1, 2020 – Audiotechnique Review by Lincoln Cheng

Cantilever and coil body
Monobloc ceramic unit, patented design

Pure copper 4N

Diamond shape
Micro ridge

Magnet unit
Neodym-Armco, reduced eddy current loss


1/2″ – 4pin, gold plated

Vertical Tracking Angle


Tracking force

Output voltage
0,3mV @ 5cm/s


20 – 30‘000Hz

FIM disortion
max. 0,2%

2x 24Ω

Recommended load
400 – 800Ω