Transparent XL XLR Interconnect

XL XLR Balanced Interconnect

‘Connoisseur’ level XLR analogue interconnects from one of the world’s top cable manufacturers.

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XL Balanced Interconnects are a great addition to any well-established Connoisseur Level music or film system with balanced components. They will free a superior system to provide unexpected levels of musical involvement when the lights go down and the music starts to play. Designed for high-resolution fully differentially balanced source components and preamplifiers, XL Balanced Interconnects are for discerning individuals who demand even more performance and precision than REFERENCE Balanced Interconnects. Balanced interconnects at the XL level will help you extract the last measure of performance from your existing investments.

XL Balanced Interconnect is a significant performance upgrade compared to REFERENCE Balanced Interconnect because its network components are specifically chosen and matched more closely to suit the electrical characteristics of the cable and its length. The network itself is also calibrated more precisely to the electrical output characteristics of your source components and preamplifier. XL Balanced transfers well-defined bass energy further down into the bottom octave and provides a quieter interface for low-level audio signals than REFERENCE Balanced Interconnect.

XL Balanced has 2 elegant carbon fiber composite (CFC) module housings per channel to further isolate the dual fully differentially balanced networks and to allow electromagnetic fields to expand fully and freely. The thin and stiff-walled CFC network modules accommodate a greater mass of epoxy resin to reduce resonance and vibrations. This enhanced isolation reduces noise and more effectively damps any opportunity for resonances to affect performance.

XL Balanced Interconnect is handcrafted in the USA and is upgradeable to OPUS or MAGNUM OPUS Balanced Interconnect. It must be calibrated to your specific source components or preamplifier. Contact Transparent or a Transparent dealer to share the details of your system components and discuss a plan for your system upgrade to the XL level of performance.

Price represents a pair of interconnect cables.

  • Standard termination: XLR > XLR
  • Y terminations available
  • Lengths: 1-meter, 1.5-meter, 2-meter, 10-feet, 15-feet, 20-feet, 25- feet, and longer
  • Specify components for precise network calibration
  • Custom terminations/lengths/singles always available