Transparent XL Speaker Cable

XL Speaker Cable

‘Connoisseur’ level speaker cables from one of the world’s top manufacturers

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XL Speaker Cable is a great addition to any well-established Connoisseur Level music or film system. It works well with other ULTIMATE Transparent System Companions to provide unexpected levels of musical involvement when the lights go down and the music starts to play. XL Speaker Cable will help you extract the last measure of performance from your existing investments.

XL Speaker Cable is a significant performance upgrade compared to REFERENCE Speaker Cable because its network components are specifically chosen and matched more closely to suit the electrical characteristics of the cable and its length. The network itself is also calibrated more precisely to the electrical output characteristics of your amplifier. The heavier, larger, more stable XL network module more effectively damps any opportunity for resonances to affect performance. Compared to REFERENCE, XL transfers bass energy further down into the bottom octave with more accuracy and creates a quieter interface between some of the most challenging speaker and amplifier combinations.

XL Speaker Cable must be calibrated to your specific amplifier and be crafted to fit precisely and easily with your specific amplifier, speakers, and system layout. Contact Transparent or a Transparent dealer to share the details of your system components and room layout to discuss a plan for your system upgrade to the XL level of performance.

XL Speaker Cable is handcrafted in the USA. Custom machined, highly polished gold-plated, tellurium copper spade lugs transfer power effortlessly through heavy, precision-wound OFHC stranding. New, robust cable construction allows XL Speaker Cable to more closely approach OPUS Speaker Cable performance. Elegant carbon fiber composite network carapaces allow electromagnetic fields to expand fully and freely. The thin and stiff-walled CFC network carapace also accommodates a greater mass of epoxy resin to reduce resonance and vibrations. A thick carbon fiber sheet embedded in epoxy resin stiffens and damps vibrations in the custom-machined acrylic carapace platform, and isolation feet stabilize the carapace platform and reduce resonances and vibrational interference. Platform fasteners bore deeply into the carapace at a specific torque setting to further reduce the effects of resonances and vibrations.

XL Speaker Cable is upgradeable to OPUS or MAGNUM OPUS Speaker Cable.

  • Standard termination: SPADE > SPADE
  • Optional locking banana terminations
  • Biwire configuration available
  • Lengths: 8-feet, 10-feet, 12-feet, 15-feet, 20-feet, 25-feet and longer
  • pecify amplifier, speakers, and system layout for optimal network calibration and cable configuration
  • Custom terminations/lengths/singles always available