Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Ex3me
Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Ex3me
Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Ex3me
Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Ex3me
Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Ex3me
Sonus Faber

Il Cremonese Ex3me Floorstanding Speakers

The blend of two jewells. Il Cremonese Ex3me gives great vitality and surprising tonal balance

2 years (8 years if registered)

£50,000In-store purchase only.



More than 5 years since its debut, Il Cremonese remains one of the most popular loudspeaker systems in the Sonus faber portfolio. Initially introduced with the intention of completing the Homage collection, due to its superb capability, this speaker immediately placed itself among the ranks of Sonus faber’s Reference collection catalogue, the line that perfectly exemplifies the brand’s excellence.

This particular predilection turned the Il Cremonese into the perfect platform for one of the most important activities of the electro-acoustic design: experimentation. This is the birth of a unique loudspeaker system, embellished by the return of an historical Sonus faber finish: the classic “Red Violin”.

By mainly working around the behaviour of both the top and bottom ends of the audio spectrum it was possible to extract a performance, avoiding any sort of interpretation, of the musical message so that Il Cremonese ex3me could even be used as an extremely high-performance professional studio monitor. The new loudspeaker system came to life by the fusion of elements belonging to the original project, such as midrange and woofers, with the most iconic solution derived from the company’s 30th Anniversary celebration concept speaker model, Ex3ma.

From Ex3ma, Il Cremonese ex3me inherits the Beryllium DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) tweeter. Sonus faber set aside its classic silk diaphragm Damped Apex Dome™ tweeter to approach this transducer construction. Brilliant in terms of transparency and micro dynamics, the Beryllium tweeter diaphragm has formidable physical characteristics but it has a sound presentation often described as a “metallic flavour” which can often make listening unpleasant.

To mitigate this typical Beryllium characteristic we used a treatment called “Chemical Vapor Deposition“. A layer of D.L.C. is deposited on the diaphragm surface, turning it black and giving the Beryllium some of the typical properties of diamond— the most important being its amorphous nature and unmatched strength. As a result, the new diaphragm is increasingly rigid with a nearly unperceivable higher resonant frequency, making it capable of extremely fast sound, very detailed and airy – free of coloration.

Il Cremonese ex3me is a unique loudspeaker system characterized by new technical features and by a precise performance target: absolute neutrality.

3.5 ways, 6 speakers

Acoustical Loading
Bass-Reflex, Floor emission (woofers) / Rear (midrange) ports. “Stealth Reflex” technology

Tweeter: 30 mm Diamond Like Carbon Beryllium dome diaphragm
Midrange: 150mm composite cone, Nd magnet
Woofers: 2x180mm composite cone, Fe magnet
Infra-woofers: 2x220mm Nanocarbon Fiber/Nomex Honeycomb Long Throw Subwoofer

Crossover Frequency
250 Hz and 2,500 Hz

Frequency Response
25 Hz – 35,000 Hz

92 dB SPL (2.83V/1 m)

Nominal Impedance
4 ohm

Suggest Amplifier Power Output
100W – 800W, without clipping

Dimensions (HXWXD)
1,450 x 398 x 622 mm
57 x 15.3 x 24.5 in

84 Kg each – net weight
185 lb each – net weight